Taparia’s book about lockdown effects on migrants becomes Crossword bestseller

Karan Taparia, the 17-year-old boy from Mumbai not only started Kushal Bharat, a platform to help the migrants during the pandemic but also his book ‘Where Do They Really Belong?’ becomes the bestseller as it brought up points of concern which have been overlooked since years.

Surviving the lockdown was difficult, specially for the ones who were migrating barefoot from cities to their native villages in search for work to feed their family. During this time there were crimes committed upon the weaker people but at the same time people like Karan Taparia stood up and gave a helping hand to give them relief somehow. The book talks about how the 12th grader started to help migrants through his initiative Kushal Bharat.

Karan used to teach at an NGO and there he had a student who was in need during the lockdown, from there the story of Kushal Bharat began. In the book he stated how even the migrant workers are a crucial part of the economy and shared statistics which are usually never considered showing that the economic growth depends on daily wage workers too. The book in its conclusion tells us how there are some changes that we as a society or government can bring about to give the migrants a better life, the book also talks about creating an ecosystem of health, education and entrepreneurship in the rural India so that families can be fed staying in their villages.

The Bombay International School boy started Kushal Bharat- a non profit organisation to help the families suffering due to lockdown. He started working on Kushal Bharat a week after lockdown started. Through this he helps people to set up their small ventures like- food stalls, stitching business, dairy and many more. After seeing that his funding had continued to help those in need become self sufficient, he decided to write it down and tell the world about it through his book. That’s how the pain, suffering and story of thousands of migrant workers was penned down by a 17-year-old.

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