Take Charge of Heart Health with Ayurveda

Ameve Sharma the Co-founder of Kapiva Ayurveda explains how age-old Ayurvedic wisdom can help one foster a healthy heart.

For years, Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) has been a major cause of fatalities in the world. It entails numerous heart conditions such as Hypertension, Coronary Heart Disease, Blood Clots etc. These conditions perpetuate the chances of stroke and sensory issues. Nevertheless, amidst a pandemic, CVD patients are faced with a double-sided threat and have a higher susceptibility to the virus. This brings us back to where we started from. In a time of COVID-19, taking care of your heart is of utmost importance! The good news is that many cardiovascular difficulties could be alleviated through natural, ayurvedic means.

Ayurveda & Heart Health: The Three Doshas

The human body consists of energies that help the body and mind function well. These energies are called Doshas. They are named Kapha, Vata and Pitta. That is also where Kapiva gets its name from. In the fundamental nature of human beings, these energies are set in a certain ratio. Optimal human health is a result of the ideal balance between the three. This is, in fact, the philosophy behind Kapiva - to aim for balanced, holistic health, through the use of Ayurveda.

Being holistic in nature Ayurveda offers many herbs that can help promote heart health.

Tulsi: The holy basil or ‘Queen of Herbs’ helps promote comfortable breathing and stimulating healthy circulation. It’s unique abilities foster ideal heart function and elevate awareness.

Turmeric: It purifies the blood, strengthens digestion, and helps eliminate toxins from the digestive tract, which in turn supports the heart. This golden spice can be added to food or consumed solely for numerous health benefits.

Ginger: With its warmth, Ginger is a universal medicine for a healthy heart and circulatory system. You can chew ginger in the morning or add it to meals.

Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha may help improve heart health by treating conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and chest pain.

Mint: Also known as Pudina, Mint holds an important place in various Ayurvedic formulas. It can be used to improve digestion and enhance respiratory health.

While you consume herbs it is also ideal to balance it with moderate exercise especially Yoga Asanas, Dhyan (Meditation) and Pranayama (Breathing exercises). Excess of exercise is also something that isn’t good so you need to keep your hours in check.

Being a 3rd generation entrepreneur of the Baidyanath Group, my passion for health and wellness is what led me to co-founding Kapiva along with Shrey Badhani in 2016. Kapiva is a modern Ayurvedic nutrition brand. We have been able to disrupt the Ayurvedic industry by being relevant to current times with our consumer-friendly products. The dream is to make Ayurveda accessible to every Indian household and help people embrace its goodness to the fullest.

Trying times today has led to a surge in the usage of Ayurvedic products. While that stands true, World Heart Day is here and it's time you consider adopting Ayurveda for a healthy heart.

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