Tactra Penile Prosthesis: A New And Innovative Way To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

One of the major neglected sexual issues is Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

Despite India being one of the densely populated countries across the world, the irony is that the country has been named ‘Impotence Capital of the World’. Since sex still remains a taboo in India, most sexual-related issues go unnoticed and untreated amongst both men and women.

One of the major neglected sexual issues is Erectile Dysfunction (ED). A large number of men in India have been facing Erectile Dysfunction (ED), which is a lack of ability to get or maintain a penile erection for satisfactory sexual intercourse. Symptoms of erectile dysfunction include premature ejaculation or reduced sexual drives. As it is not a widely-discussed matter within our society, most men are reluctant to seek professional help from a sexologist to get treated. It is hard to believe that only 56% of men can discuss erectile dysfunction with their partners, as revealed in the Pfizer Upjohn survey. This medical disorder not only affects intimacy and impact personal relationships but also contributes to low self-esteem.

Depending on the severity of the health condition, various treatments are available for erectile dysfunction like oral medications, penile injections. However, the most viable and long-term alternative available is penile implants, especially for severe cases of erectile dysfunction. Though the Penile Implant is one of the lesser-known treatments, it is highly significant to understand that the penile implants report a high satisfaction rate following the treatment and are easy to use as well.

Considering the effectiveness of penile implants in treating erectile dysfunction, Dr. Vineet Malhotra at Diyos Hospital, the super-specialist hospital based in Delhi has recently announced the first Tactra Penile Prosthesis (Penile Implant) surgery and became the first hospital in India to perform a live surgery of penile implant. The prosthesis is a next-generation prosthesis, designed with proprietary dual-layer silicone. Constructed around a Nitinol core for excellent rigidity, durability and concealment, this malleable prosthesis allows a man with erectile dysfunction to get an erection that can be lifted up and pushed down manually for sexual intercourse. The penile prosthesis is an innovation that has been developed over the last 10 years to offer the patient and his partner a more authentic and natural-feeling erection.

Undoubtedly, the prevalence of an unhealthy lifestyle has been resulting in various diseases. Sexual health disorders such as erectile dysfunction are majorly caused by diabetes hypertension, obesity, smoking, alcohol consumption, affecting more than half of men over 40 years of age. Leading a healthy lifestyle while managing existing health conditions can prevent erectile dysfunction.

Sexual health is as important as someone’s mental and physical health. Hence, it is highly imperative to have healthy conversations around sexual disorders as open and honest communication is the foundation of a healthy and long-lasting relationship. Also, we as a society should refrain from paying too much attention to such taboos. The need of the hour is to constantly address such social taboos to alter the mindset of the people and create a healthy and open environment.

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