Staying relevant and staying positive

When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too - Paulo Coelho

As we all know that we’re going through tough times, staying relevant with a positive mind set is quite an understatement and requires good amount of inner strength along with capability to thrive & standout work wise.

And I am a complete believer of it, and I have plenty of stories to share to support it. Here’s my story of the day. Way back in Miss Universe 1994 Sushmita Sen was crowned Miss Universe. Nobody had won this title before from India. Sushmita came from a middle class background and educated in Hindi medium throughout. She did not have a proper dress when she participated in junior contest in India and was amongst the last few entries. Not only this she lost her passport before leaving for Miss Universe post Miss India win. A huge controversy spun around herself and her runner up as well at same time. Despite all these constraints she managed to beat it to the top and created history. When asked how you managed to win such a big prestigious title she said she was focussed, believed in herself and honest and shared with all that she had learnt in the past as part of her training which helped in to stay positive and bringing the crown back to India.

With this story I would like to say to stay relevant and a positive mindset goes hand in hand. Sushmita managed to beat all odds and stayed relevant with shear positivity during her pageant days. If she would have thought more about issues and controversies around it May be, she had missed opportunity.

Well, this was Miss Universe story, however how we manage to stay positive as we’re all in IT field which is quite fluid market along with current pandemic which is a great cause of concern and has taken toll on human lives all over the world.

I have tried few things which I would like to share, and it might help everyone as it all about staying positives.

I have always tried to adhere to a morning routine. Best to start your day by going to watch the Sun and just try to do a handshake with mother nature. I have few planters in my home. Trust me spending some time with plants is good to ward off negativity and kick start your day.

And once you start your work and it is good to greet your team members, your manager and sharing a positive note before you get into your daily morning huddle. It is a good way to spread positive vibes all over. Though it is not successful all the times however it works most of the time it does.

Have a mid-day routine weather in office or home with a bowl of fresh fruits or green tea before jumping on to lunch to check out a plan of self-care and working best at office. You can write on a diary or note in your laptop to firm it. I do it to keep myself organized. Well I have seen my colleagues having black tea or black coffee or even a cig. I know it harms the body however it just a stroke of good vibes with in and it is a good way to rejuvenate and making your space less boring unless until you re extremely busy.

Don’t forget to include reading positive affirmation as part of self-care every day. You can share with your team or family members and can ask them if they have something good to share .

Also include “me” time during bedtime or whenever suitable to say thank you to almighty for a wonderful day and time to introspect or retrospect. For me it is best time of the day. You can team up with green tea or a light music for sleep or a positive affirmation or a book of your choice whichever you like and suits you.

Once you start creating a positive space around you it reflects and resonate in your work. It has positive impact on your workforce, yourself. Once you have worked on yourself and boosted your self- confidence and pumped in enough positivity; try to work outward to update / upgrade yourself in whichever your work stream could be. Have more conversations with your team. Regularly update your technical skills. You can join study in groups also as it is a good way to interact and build network. Well there are multiple ways of staying relevant which includes upgrading your cognitive skills if your part of leadership which requires further good amount of discussion and bit of more blogging.

On this note I would say we can all be achievers in our own right if we work on our self and dig on positive aspects about ourselves and workwise. Please try to unhear the negative chaotic chaos around you (Just write on a piece of paper , blast whom so ever you want to and shred it).How to demarcate right from wrong too require a long discussion and will continue.

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