Speak your heart out with India’s largest virtual listening platform Eat Luv N Pray

Eat Luv N Pray aims to create a ‘Never Alone’ moment for all with the power of active listening and research-based emotional support.

In a bid to elevate the overall mental health of young Indians, a group of young entrepreneurs have launched the country’s largest virtual listening platform ‘Eat Luv N Pray’. The platform, launched by ELNP Foundation, aims to provide preventive care by listening and letting users vent out their innermost feelings and refrain self from heading towards acute mental illness. The platform ensures complete anonymity and considers mental health the core of overall wellbeing. ELNP Foundation provides research-based emotional support to individuals over phone, video discussions, forums and social media.  

The Eat Luv N pray is co-founded by successful entrepreneurs Sonia Arora Sood, Priyanka Wadhera and Manoj Agrawal, with a vision to create a holistic mental wellness virtual platform that allows users to simply log in and talk about issues with trained counsellors and informed experts. The platform helps users understand the seven dimensions of wellness and cover the entire cycle through their Eat Luv N Pray journey. The platform aims to touch at least 10 million lives and create for them a ‘Never Alone’ moment with the power of active listening.

On the occasion of the platform’s launch, co-founder Sonia said, “There are endless numbers of apps offering scattered services, but what we offer is a companion who would offer a curated range of services and products one needs to ensure the mental wellness of self and family. Going forward, we would offer a real-time clinic to provide paid mental health services.”

Echoing the sentiments, co-founder Priyanka added, “Many of us are yet to realize the power of merely speaking with a trained counsellor, who would focus on ascertaining troubling issues rather than advising at every step. They would be well equipped to suggest as to when any user just needs to be heard and when they need the guidance of a qualified medical professional.”

Studies suggest that as many as 28 youngsters commit suicide in our country each day. The realization that there was no dedicated service to help tackle this menace of depression led to the inception of Eat Luv N Pray Foundation, which would be a one-stop destination for everyone between the age group of 15-29 years seeking a constant companion who could just hear them out. This assumes even more significance in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has propelled a demand for better mental health and physical wellbeing.

Notably, the platform has in its panel a group of well qualified and experienced medical professionals such as psycho therapists and psychiatrists. The Eat Luv N Pray further aspires to create livelihoods for members of the inclusive category. Apart from these, any individual wanting to get trained and volunteer as a listener can reach out to the founders through the platform.

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