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Patrick San Francesco world-renowned energy healer is the creator of Apphealing, the world’s first multi-dimensional energy healing app.

1. Please tell us how it all started for you at the tender age of 4? How did you process and comprehend what was happening? 

When I was 4 years old my brother fell ill and the doctors felt that he would not survive. My parents broke the news to me in the gentlest possible way, by telling me that my brother was going to God. At that age I thought that it was God's 'job' to look after us. I went into the garden, looked up at the sky (I thought that God lived in the sky) and shouted at Him to make my brother well so that he could come out of the hospital and play with me. By evening, there was a dramatic reversal in my brother's condition and by the next day he was well. Thereafter, whenever any members of my family fell ill I would tell God to make them well and they would get better. Eventually, the word spread and people began to come for 'healing'. At that age I did not even know what healing meant. I found it quite annoying that whilst all my friends were playing I was called inside to do 'healing'. I would meet with the sick people and then look at the sky and say, "God fix them quick, I want to go out and play". 

In hindsight, I feel that it was my implicit faith, stemming from a childlike innocence that brought about the cure. 

2. How different was growing up with such a gift and who or what was your biggest support on that path? 

I never thought of it as a gift. I knew that I was 'different' but that only heightened my resolve to be 'ordinary'. One such tiresome reminder of this 'gift' was that the watches I wore would lose time and eventually stop working. My parents were extremely supportive of my healing abilities but at the same time allowed me to grow up leading a 'normal' life by keeping me sheltered from the limelight and publicity. 

3. Could you please shed some light on “Apphealing”? 

I have patients on every continent and I travel extensively for my healing workshops and seminars. My patients were often unsure which time zone I was in at any given moment and they were hesitant to contact me for healing lest they disturb me. To solve the problem I created Apphealing, the world's first multi-dimensional healing app. Health, stress related, wellbeing, situational, relationship, addiction, emotional and psychological issues are treated via this app, which has been energized by me. Hence I am available to my patient's 24x7 at the touch of a button. 

4. Could you please share some of the most inspiring or extraordinary experiences of people who you worked with and changed their lives for the better? 

I am sure you will understand that I cannot reveal the identities of my patients. However, I can say with all humility that I have played a role, albeit a miniscule one in fostering religious tolerance by acting as an emissary between religious heads. 

5. What is your vision for Samarpan Foundation’s growth globally? 

Currently, Samarpan Foundation is registered in India, South Africa, Malawi and The United States. It is my wish that Samarpan reaches wherever there is a need. The Foundation has no fixed agenda except, doing what needs to be done by providing assistance wherever there is an humanitarian, ecological or animal welfare need and doing it with love, peace, happiness and kindness. It is also my wish that volunteers around the world will encourage their communities and be inspired to initiate similar projects with the same motivation. 

6. What is energy healing? How does it work? 

Healing is for everyone. In fact, everyone is a healer! Consider, when you hurt yourself, you rub the area and it feels better. How does that come about? Whilst rubbing the injured spot you are transferring energy to the area. When you cut your finger you suck on it. This is because your saliva contains antiseptic. In this way we are healing ourselves all the time and yet unaware that we are in actuality healers. Healing through energy is as old as man. Early man had no recourse to doctors or medicine, but he had the advantage of not being fettered by logic. Thus his intuitive mind was highly developed and he could discern the colours of energies found in nature. 

Each colour or frequency has a specific property. Take for example, there is one colour that binds the leaf to the branch. When the colour fades the leaf falls. This particular colour could be used by the healer to mend broken bones or damaged ligaments. By identifying the property of each colour, these energies can be used like a 'toolbox' to fix the human body. 

7. Who needs energy healing in today's world? 

In today's world, healthcare has become so commercialized and allopathic drugs with their consequent toxic side effects. Notwithstanding, the corona virus pandemic and medical science floundering around in search of a vaccine, I think the time is ripe for humanity to return to the purity of energy healing. 

8. Take us through your career. How did this power or recognition that you found, go along with you as you started to get yourself through life? 

At first, I just thought that it was a talent that my parents were trying to encourage me to develop. I had friends who had to go for music lessons because they were musically inclined. As I grew up, I began to 

suspect that there was something different about me. I began to question death. It was merely the means for us to reach God and live with Him. Why then this great fear of death? The consequent mourning after the passing of a loved one was bewildering to me. Should we not be happy that the deceased person has gone to God? Were not the tears at a funeral, just tears of self-pity? Needless to say my 'theories' were ridiculed but no alternate explanation was forthcoming. Eventually, I realized that people didn't want to face reality, so I kept my musings to myself. 

9. Tell us about your inventions PET Bottle house, Dew Catcher DC2. 

The war being waged by all the plastic warriors in the world to ban the hapless PET bottle have not amounted to much. The reality is that PET is here to stay. Instead of making it your enemy, make it your friend through nontoxic recycling. The longevity of the PET bottle instead of being a bane could be made into a boon. Thus was my thinking when I first decided to fill discarded water bottles with earth and convert them into 'bottle bricks'. The first challenge was to bond the bottle bricks together as cement mortar by itself did not provide fast bonding. To enhance the bonding between the bottle bricks I used nylon fishing net to link the bottlenecks together. I then stretched the nylon fishing net across the walls and cast the concrete roofing slab with nylon fishing net instead of the traditional tor steel bars. This resulted in an incredibly strong structure capable of withstanding earthquakes up to 9.8 Richter Scale. The PET bottle/nylon fishnet structure has been internationally certified. 

Much ado is made about Earth Day and Environment Day. Saplings are planted and everybody is happy that they have done their 'bit' to making the world a greener, healthier place. But what happens on Earth Day plus 1 or 2? The saplings die from lack of water. To counter this I came up with a device using recycled PVC sheets to collect nighttime dew and feed it directly to the root system of the sapling till such time it is able to establish itself. The Dew Catcher (DC-2) is designed to serve the sapling for approximately 1 year.

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