Smart vaccination scheduling, reminder and monitoring tool- Immunifyme

ImmunifyMe is one of the only companies in the field of early childhood healthcare, they provide innovative technology solution and services to children and their caregivers.

ImmunifyMe is a cloud-based eco-system complete with a web interface, Mobile App and a Smart Card. They target to improve vaccination monitoring and surveillance systems to ensure up-to-date data critical to close the existing immunization gap. 

“Our aim is to become the market leader in early childhood healthcare. Our focus for now is to monitor Immunization for children, but in the near future ImmunifyMe would also start providing Nutrition Plan customized to each child,”says Neeraj Mehta, CEO ImmunifyMe.

He goes on to talk about their USP and concept saying – 

“Our system is designed for every country. Just by one system you can track the national vaccination of any country"

·         Real Time reporting of adverse / side effects of any medicine by parents, track and replace the problem cause.

·         Defective vaccination batch can be backtracked.

·         Addition of new vaccinations basis the suggestion of parents and doctors.

·         Parents can monitor the growth of the child .

·         If the users miss their vaccination card they can always request for new card and their vaccination record is safe and secure. 

“We have competition from EHRs, namely Docon, Axon etc. These are larger systems and have a small section which allows doctors/hospitals to create a backup of Immunization records. However, these are stand alone systems and they operate in silos. There is nothing in the system for the parents. What makes ImmunifyMe different from them is:  ImmunifyMe is Child/Parent specific while others are Doctor centric. it provides IMM - data safety, immunization monitoring tools, convenience to care providers etc.” he adds.

ImmunifyMe is one of the only companies in the field of early childhood healthcare. It provides innovative technology solution and services to the children and their caregivers. In addition it also provides - accurate and verifiable proof, aggregate data that can easily interoperate with other existing identity management systems, negating the need for each organization to independently identify beneficiaries, taking timely interventions in outbreak situations, disease surveillance and making policies to bridge the immunization gap for every child in the country to be immunized. 

Urgent action is needed to tackle vaccination disparities in all forms and to help parents unlock the potential of investment in the health of their children. Immunization is essential; however, the lack of awareness in essential elements for nutrition can be dangerous, often causing irreversible health conditions. Timely vaccination is fundamental for the growth of optimal health and building the immune system of little humans. 

Digital record keeping makes it convenient to track a child’s immunization. Keeping records of child health and growth, in-bound and out-bound migration of the child. It is easy to connect and maintain confidentiality. It helps forecasting the demand and availability of vaccines.

The potential for Early Childhood care market is unlimited. There are over 128 million children being born every year worldwide. He stated that they are scaling up in two phases. With the help of private sector they are initially introducing their innovative product for the new-borns at the urban centres which will make them support for at least 4 million children in the first phase. In the second phase, scaling up of ImmunifyMe will cover larger peri-urban and rural areas with low rate of immunization and higher rate of non-compliance. This would drastically improve the immunization gap and improve the quality of care. 

“It is a country agnostic smart vaccination scheduling, reminder and monitoring tool. We have received grants from Govt. of Chile and Govt. of Luxembourg. We have also received seed funding from one of the largest pharmaceutical companies, regretfully we wouldn't be able to disclose the name of the company as yet,” signs off Mehta. 

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