Shiva Tandava Stotram – A Powerhouse of Strength and Positivity

According to Quantum physics everything is energy! All of us vibrate at a certain frequency depending upon the person we are and the moods we are experiencing

Positivity, upliftment and strong will power are the need of the hour today. With all the stress and uncertainty in times of COVID-19, it is important to streamline our energy and think positive.

According to Quantum physics everything is energy! All of us vibrate at a certain frequency depending upon the person we are and the moods we are experiencing. This implies that if a person is feeling contented, energetic and happy he/she will vibrate at a high frequency while someone feeling sad, depressed or unhappy will vibrate at a relatively lower frequency thus attracting the negativity around.

Humans are in general social and given the lifestyle most of us live, extended lockdowns in this COVID-19 situation can get arduous and mentally taxing. This makes it even more important for us to resort to certain mechanisms available in our system to help alleviate our physical and mental problems and synergize our mind, body and soul.

I am a Musician and as a habit I look for answers in our Indian music system to help me in times of distress and otherwise. We are lucky to be sitting on a rich heirloom of Sanskrit chants and Stotrams that have the ability to impact our nerves and cells in a big way. The vibration of every syllable in the chants are mathematically calculated to precision giving us adequate proof points on how they impact our chakras and heal us psychologically and physically. The Vedas contain about 1028 stotrams with 10,600 verses. All the stotrams have a different purpose and impact us differently when we chose to sing, chant or listen to them.

One such Stotram is the Shiva Tandava which is a benchmark for power and positivity. The 16 verses of this Stotram symbolizes not only the cosmic cycles of creation and destruction but also the cycle of birth and death as the fundamental part of our existence. The story around the origin of Shiva Tandava dates back to the time of Ramayana when Ravana – the king of Lanka and an ardent devotee of Shiva tried to uproot Mount Kailash and carry it to his kingdom. The infuriated Shiva with his merciless rage made Kailasha crash on Ravana thus making him realize his folly and nimbleness in comparison to that of the Lord. It was then that Ravana sang in the praise of the Shiva thus enamoring him to dance with happiness and gaiety. This composition is called the Shiva Tandava Stotram and the dance of Shiva on this composition is known as the Shiva Tandava Nritya.

The overall Shiva Stotram comprises of 1008 verses, but the 16 in reference here dwell on supreme power and positivity, explaining the beauty and power of Shiva. It starts with talking about the sacred water flowing from Shiva’s head and neck in full force, the snake girdled around his neck like a garland and he dancing the dance of prosperity with his Damru in absolute happiness.

Jatatavigalajjala pravahapavitasthale Galeavalambya lambitam bhujangatungamalikam Damad damad damaddama ninadavadamarvayam Chakara chandtandavam tanotu nah shivah shivam

As we know, Shiva carries a Damru, the sound of which is very unique to this instrument. It is believed that Shiva and his Damru were inseparable and his aggression and happiness were expressed through the rhythm and sound of this Damru. The sound and power of Damru while performing the Tandava Nritya is explained in the Storam with several action verbs like ‘Damad’, ‘Dhagad’ and ‘Dhimid’. This Damru and for that matter any Indian rhythm instrument like the Pakhavaj and Dholak are considered to be extremely powerful for therapeutic purposes. Those with a spine, lower back or slip disc problem can benefit enormously by the sound vibration of these instruments. The Shiva Tandav Stotram when played and sung in full capacity i.e. with the right rhythms can do wonders to our root chakra by strengthening our spine and giving us the much needed physical and mental balance to tread in our journey of life. The best time to hear or chant the Shiva Tandava Stotram is after sunset, nonetheless one could do it anytime of the day.

India is sitting on a gold mine of natural remedies in the form of Chants, Music, and Ayurveda. It is for us to accept its existence and make it a part of our DNA to live a holistic healthy life. Music is the best form of therapy and relaxation, though the catch is to choose the right kind. Moreover, in times like this, what better way to stay healthy and sane than listening to these chants and rejuvenating our mind, body and soul. I highly recommend utilizing the power of Shiva Tandava Stotram. Do listen/chant and let me know how you feel!

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Shiva Tandava Stotram – A Powerhouse of Strength and Positivity

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