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Tamana is a non-profit voluntary organisation registered in March 1984, created solely for the purpose of providing rehabilitative services for the mentally challenged, multiply disabled and autistic.

Tamana was born out of the living faith and optimism of Dr. Shayama Chona (Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri) awardee, mother of Tamana Chona, who was born spastic with cerebral palsy. ‘Tamana’ literally means a longing, an aspiration. The organisation could not have been more aptly named, for at its heart lies an earnest longing, a lifelong aspiration to see the differently abled on their feet as happy, useful, integrated members of society.

Tamana pioneered the concept of integrated education well before it became a part of the National policy on Education and has developed matchless expertise in handling special students and developing them into independent, confident citizens, capable of serving the society and the nation in their own unique way.

Today, Tamana through its three centres in Vasant Vihar New Delhi, providing special education, therapeutic interventions, skill training and outreach programs backed by in house research, is enabling differently abled across the Nation and world.

The first branch, Tamana Special School, started in 1984 in a tent with 4 students. It shifted to its current premised in 1992 and was inaugurated by the Late Her Royal Highness Lady Diana.

The second branch, Tamana Nai Disha was inaugurated by the former Chief Minister of Delhi, Late Ms Sheila Dixit. It focuses on skill development of the students. The areas of training are varied and dynamic and are sometimes introduced to match the needs and aptitude of the students. This centre also has a boys hostel. The third branch, The Tamana Autism Centre, School of Hope was inaugurated by Late His Excellency APJ Abdul Kalam and is recognised as one of the Premier institutes for the differently abled in the country. It also houses a teacher training cell where five RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India) recognised special courses are conducted.

Tamana’s endeavors are always aimed at catering to the needs of the differently abled and ensuring that they have the access to the best support and resources for their rehabilitation. When the nation went into lock down due the prevailing Covid 19 pandemic, it did not deter efforts. Tamana with its committed team of special educators, therapists, counselors backed by a dedicated ICT & research team ensured that none of our differently abled students are deprived of their regular day to day school learning and therapies by reaching out to the students through an online program. The students have access to their everyday curriculum and therapies via assistive technology and online platforms. The classes are being conducted on a daily basis by our team in groups or one to one session ensuring that each and every student has access to the best possible learning and development despite the constraints of the pandemic.

The outreach has not been limited to Delhi, but it is ensured that our students outside Delhi in states like Rajasthan, UP, Tamil Nadu, Himachal are also not left behind. The program has been extended to our Tamana Kindergarten students from the economically weaker sections of the society as well. The aim is to provide all of them as near a classroom experience as possible. The teachers are working day and night towards simplifying the curriculum, using creative means to break it down into small ‘Do it yourself activities’, assignments and tasks. These are carried out by the students with the help of their parents or live on video classes through Zoom and Whatsapp. We have been successful in carrying forward ADL skill training, co-curricular activities like art, dance, music and skill training including cooking, stitching, block printing, envelope making and pottery, online. The sessions are done, one to one or in groups taking care of the needs and ability of each and every student. The parents are being counseled as well by our in-house counselors to become equal partners in the whole online learning transaction, assisting the teachers and the therapists to ensure a qualitative learning exchange.

The whole program is being executed prioritizing the needs of the students and their parents and is highly appreciated by all the parents. The staff is working extra hard to ensure the success of the program by developing innovative means to deliver the program and exchanging best practices with one another with the main aim to ensure access to the best possible learning and development opportunities to the students.

This urgent need to move from offline to online has been marvelous even the severe students and those suffering from autism are able to learn happily and look forward to these virtual classes, they thoroughly enjoy virtually meeting their friends and teachers everyday.

In light of the success of the program and the ongoing threat of the pandemic we plan to continue the online program prioritizing the needs and the safety of our students. Due to the challenges of the pandemic, we have lost support of many of our regular donors but we are not defeated and continue to fulfill our social responsibility towards our cause with our committed staff and support from sensitized noble souls who continue to join our movement of Inclusion and Integration of the differently abled.

Short Q&A

Are those who are mentally challenged or multiply disabled or autistic, and seek help, get admitted into your facility or do they make visits?

We have three special education centres where our students take admission. These  are fully equipped to facilitate the rehabilitation of the differently abled with state of the art technology, infrastructure and trained experts, educators and therapists. Our centres run Mon-Fri between 8:30am-1pm catering to the growth & development of the students with in house diagnostic facilities,  special education, therapies, academics, co- curricular activities and skill training.

In addition, the staff of Tamana who look after those in need of help, are they volunteers, or full time employees?

We have an in house  team of administrators, special educators, therapists, counsellors and special instructors working tirelessly towards the cause. Our student caregiver ratio is 3:1 and volunteers are always welcome.

Is it open for everyone who approaches you seeking help or do you have any rights of admission?

We feel fortunate to be able to make a difference to the lives of the differently abled and welcome with open arms those who are willing to be a part of the Tamana family.There are no rights of admission. We are here to facilitate all special individuals between the age group of 2-40 years. 

Are you in collaboration with any mental health institution, or hospital? If yes, how does it function?

Our students are not mental, disability is not a disease, we are connected with the best rehabilitation centres in the world, together working towards a common goal.

Besides formal treatment how much do you emphasize on mindfulness, yoga, meditation and other supportive therapies in the treatment of this who need help?

We work towards rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is a holistic process, we focus on overall development and individual needs of all our students depending on which an Individualised Education Program is developed. The program is an adequate mix of therapies, co- curricular activities like art, dance, music, yoga and special education as per the aptitude of the student. We work towards rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is a holistic process, we focus on overall development and individual needs of all our students depending on which an Individualised Education Program is developed. The program is an adequate mix of therapies, co- curricular activities like art, dance, music, yoga and special education as per the aptitude of the student. 

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