Sandeep Banu - HR Head, MoneyTap

Empower every individual to work with great ‘teams’ to achieve more and fulfill their curiosity is what he believes in.

It has been more than a decade since Sandeep has been in Bangalore working for Tech, Internet and Fintech organizations in the space of Business HR. He belongs to Vizag- did his schooling in Dehradun, Nagpur, Vizag and my MBA in Bangalore. (Christ University). Currently, he is also heading HR at Freo (Moneytap). As an individual, he is an avid soccer lover, he watches a lot of world cinema and loves to travel. Connecting with people, understanding their problems and helping them solve them is his passion. It is really important to practice a career where you enjoy your job daily. Wellbeing starts with a place and people which results in satisfaction/ sense of achievement, pride and belongingness. A safe workplace motivates employees to achieve higher productivity and bond well with each other. His vision is to become a life-long learner by expanding his skills, problem-solving, and challenging himself. He feels that before you start grooming / assisting others and help them achieve their goals- start from yourself. Keep building ‘Another Brick in the Wall’. Empower every individual to work with great ‘teams’ to achieve more and fulfill their curiosity is what he believes in. In the long run he sees himself as a happier individual, making a difference in more people’s lives and also being the coach of a notorious football team.

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