Role Of Yoga In Preventing Lifestyle Diseases

Yoga leads to a better posture, improved brain functioning, mobility and flexibility etc

More and more studies are demonstrating the benefits of yoga as a total-body workout for both the body and the mind. There are several physical advantages to the dynamic practise of yoga.

Yoga postures, or asanas, are performed while paying attention to the breath. This improves immunity, sharpens focus, and strengthens and stretches the body. The central nervous system, endocrine system, circulatory system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, and digestive system are all stimulated by postures. Yoga thus has a significant impact on one's total physical development.

Yoga leads to a better posture, improved brain functioning, mobility and flexibility etc. Here are some of the reasons to do yoga.

Yoga improves strength and flexibility

Physical health is greatly impacted by flexibility. There are 84 lakh asanas available in yoga, ranging in difficulty from high to moderate to low. Flexibility has been proven to increase in even the gentlest stances. Yoga has been demonstrated to be very effective for enhancing flexibility in persons 65 and older. While ageing is accompanied with a decline in flexibility, a 2019 study found that yoga can help older persons maintain and even increase their flexibility.

Yoga boosts immunity

Your immune system is negatively impacted by ongoing stress, which increases your susceptibility to sickness. But yoga is seen as a stress-reduction solution that has been validated by science. According to several studies, regular yoga practise over an extended period of time is positively correlated with improved immune system performance.

Yoga can improve balance

Simple daily tasks like picking something up off the floor, reaching up to a shelf, and descending a stairway all need balance. It has been demonstrated that yoga practitioners' overall performance and balance are improved. According to research, yoga can help senior populations who are prone to falling out of their equilibrium. For seniors or those with brain injuries, chair yoga is a particularly effective yoga variation.

Yoga improves cardiovascular functioning

Pranayama, often known as "yogic breathing," is a crucial and advantageous component of yoga. Pranayama has a number of advantages, including lowered stress levels, enhanced lung function, and general health. Regular pranayama or yogic breathing exercises have the power to enhance the performance of a number of bodily systems.

Yoga has been shown to enhance both how quickly and thoroughly people fall asleep. The effects of exercise are partly to blame for this. Yoga lowers stress, which promotes mental peace. Yoga's ability to reduce stress can result in deeper sleep at night.

In addition to the advantages listed above, yoga reduces anxiety and might boost self-esteem. It also helps with weight loss by toning and conditioning the body. Energy and endurance levels are raised as a result.

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