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Detoxify, Cleanse and Keep calm with Kapalabhati (Breath of Fire).

The first time someone mentioned ‘Breath of Fire’ in a yoga class, all I kept thinking was “Am I going to turn into a dragon while practicing this breathing technique or something?” To date am I not sure why it is called that, but one thing is certain, the benefits are incredible!

In Kapalabhati you control your breath by sharply exhaling while pumping your abdominal muscles in and out. - Don’t worry I will give you a step by step in a sec-

The inhalation in this breathing technique is passive, while the exhalation is forceful and sharp. The sharp exhales help your lungs clear waste from your passageways. Kapalahati also helps oxygenate your body while strengthening the muscles of your stomach and abdomen. It also improves circulation, rejuvenates tired cells and helps relax facial muscles and nerves.

To practice kapalabhati, sit up tall on your eco-friendly yoga mat with a straight spine and in a comfortable position.

1. Close your eyes and mouth, and relax your abdominal muscles.

2. Keeping your mouth closed, breathe only through your nose. Inhale once normally, and exhale normally.

3. Inhale halfway, and begin to exhale sharply out of your nose in short, quick breaths while contracting your abdominal muscles. Continue doing this on each exhale. Think of drawing your stomach in and up as you pump and breath from your diaphragm. Allow your inhale to be passive and focus only on the exhale.

4. When you are finished with your cycle, exhale all of the breath. Inhale and exhale once normally, then on the next inhalation hold your breath for as long as you can comfortably, and then exhale all of the breath out.

Start with about 20 cycles of breath of fire and increase the number of cycles as you become more comfortable with this technique. You can repeat this technique 2-3 times. And increase gradually to reap even more benefits.

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