Pooja Makhija Comes On Board As Nutrition Ambassador For Fast & Up

Fast & Up, a sports & active nutrition brand that offers a range of scientifically tested nutrition supplements, has appointed leading celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija as its nutrition ambassador. Pooja Makhija will aid the brand with her experienced discernment for nutrition.

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Talking about her association with Fast&Up, Pooja Makhija states, “I am thrilled to come on board in the capacity of a nutrition ambassador at Fast&Up. I know that everyone at Fast&Up, from the CEO to its enthusiastic salesforce, strives to deliver nutraceuticals that enhance their consumers' well-being and assist their journey towards an active lifestyle. I am truly delighted to lend my expertise to the brand.”

Fast&Up is in its fourth year and has established itself as one of the leading sports and active nutrition brands in the country. Fast&Up has been instrumental in supporting the nutritional needs of over 100 athletes around the country under the aegis “Fast&Up – Fit Squad”. The latest addition to the squad is India’s number one table tennis player, Sathiyan Gnanasekaran. Cricketer, Mayank Agrawal is the brand ambassador of Fast&Up, as well.

Having begun her career over a decade ago, Pooja Makhija is India’s preeminent figure on nutrition and wellness. Her prowess as a nutritionist has led her to successfully consult over 10,000 clients involved in various professions- sportsmen, actors, CEO’s, models and many more.

Pooja will be involved in the technical and scientific insight involved in developing health supplements that are enriched with nutrition. Pooja’s involvement will validate the products for its ingredients and the speculation that goes behind its creation. 

Mr Vijayraghavan Venugopal, CEO, Aeronutrix Sports Products Pvt. Ltd & Co-founder, Fast&Up states, “Pooja’s focus towards nutrition and active living is something that our brand Fast&Up is in tandem with and we are very excited to bring Pooja on board with us and we hope that along with Pooja as our nutrition ambassador we could escalate our brand to new heights.” 

Today, Fast&Up is not only about sports and athletes. The brand has successfully dabbled into mass participative events. They have become the official energy drink for Tata Consultancy Services World 10K, the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K, the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon and the Tata Mumbai Marathon, promoting active living along with being a sports nutrition brand.

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