Personalizing Fitness: How the co-existence of virtual and physical fitness services has provided consumers with the liberty to customize fitness as per their needs

Due to the pandemic, many people shifted towards adopting virtual fitness and wellness services to build better health.

In the recent months fitness and wellness services have transgressed from being just tools to consumer wellbeing to now being viewed a lifestyle necessity. Due to the pandemic, many people shifted towards adopting virtual fitness and wellness services to build better health. Earlier, gym/fitness studio memberships were the predominant way of accessing fitness, the recent lockdown has led to various innovative and creative ways in which fitness services can be accessed. Post lockdown, with the gradual and steady reopening of fitness facilities, the consumers can now workout both virtually as well as at the physical fitness centres.

Over time, fitness service providers have realised the need to create offerings that can be customised as per the preferences of the individual. Hence, graduating towards providing a hybrid way of accessing fitness services through coexistence of virtual and physical offerings helps consumers have seamless access to work-out sessions of their liking even during the lockdown.

Consumers can benefit from the hybrid fitness model in the following ways-

a. Online & In-Person Training-

The hybrid model combines online and in-person training to provide consumers with the best of both worlds. Unlike before, a user is not restricted to just one choice, but can select his/her way of working out and book his session of an online class or pre-book a workout slot at a physical gym/fitness center.

For instance, online training presents users with a choice between interactive live workout sessions to pre-recorded videos. The fitness facilities are also abiding by the mandated Government SOPs to ensure proper safety measures for individuals who want to workout in-person. Hence the user has a much wider range of fitness & wellness service options to browse from basis their preference.

b. Customising Routines-

Now fitness enthusiasts can easily opt for their preferred workout routines or even explore new ones. Both the modes of fitness services, online & physical, provide ample amounts of workout choices that a user can select from, hence creating variation and less monotony for fitness. Users can also get training from a personal trainer, both - in person or through a virtual platform. Guidance is essential while performing any form of workout, a personal trainer helps in providing assistance on not just the posture required but also the intensity at which these workouts can be performed for best results.

This also applies to various wellness services such as consultation sessions, either with a dietician or a mental wellness coach or meditation expert. Users can access these services at the tip of their fingers, all from the comfort of their homes and achieve a holistic 360-degree wellness experience.

c. Flexible Workout Timings-

A consumer can workout either from the comfort of their home or at a gym/fitness facility at their preferred time slot. Pre-booking their session, either of an online class or at a physical fitness centre, allows users to workout as per their convenience and hence provides flexibility. This means that users are no longer restricted to a particular time suitable to visit the gym since they can even workout online.

The physical way of accessing fitness is here to stay and it is only a matter of time that it will flourish in all its glory. Whereas, the virtual fitness services will function as an add on in the long run function to optimise physical fitness. The digital way of accessing fitness services poses as a great way to sample and try out various options to add into a consumer’s workout regime. It will also continue to enable users from remote parts of the country to continue their fitness journey, as geographical locations are not a barrier for virtual services. Hence, bringing fitness enthusiasts from different parts of the county closer.

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