Peace Is Within You

Sometimes life may seem hopeless and we may even feel downhearted and confused. Unpleasant experiences make us distraught and preoccupied

“Peace comes from within you, do not seek without it”. A prominent saying from Buddha which literally means that peace lies in us and we look for it in things around us.

Inner peace is analogous to calm mind. It is not about being quiet or acquiescent, but it is a state of mind in which we are mentally calm and at ease with our soul.

Does having more money or being financially secure or having achieved your raison d'être in life ensure you peace? I’m afraid but NO; inner peace does not depend on external circumstances. It lies within you as every emotion comes from within you, happiness, anger, fear, agony, so what you feel, it’s all from within you.

It is human nature to want more and more. When we gain or achieve something, we feel relieved, disconcertment reduces, we feel less apprehensive, but it is all for a very short term, very soon new challenges and desires come before us, our anxieties kick in and soon we are out of our delightful state. We feel it’s the height but next morning it becomes as it was before with no change.

Sometimes life may seem hopeless and we may even feel downhearted and confused. Unpleasant experiences make us distraught and preoccupied.

When we truly know ourselves and our capabilities, I guess that’s when we get a step closer to peace which lies within us only. We need to train our mind to do so. How? Look at yourself in various situations, how you really feel or what you think about yourself in your current state; when you are nervous, slow down, relax and breathe to be at ease with yourself; try to ignore what you don’t like if it cannot be changed, accept and learn to let it go because we will get what is good for us and not necessarily what we like; “Serenity is not freedom from the storm but peace amid the storm.”

Stop wondering what others might think of you or what you do, it’s all in your head and it doesn’t really matter if we have self- satisfaction in whatever we do; don’t procrastinate any matter that messes your mind, regrets in life always drives us away from the serene light we keep searching for.

And finally do something that strengthens your will, that is, focus on all good memories- they give you hope for better days, this makes you calm and motivates you to keep going.

It’s written in The Bible, “For god has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of sound mind.” Whatever you do, do it with love and do it gracefully. It will make your journey smooth and calm.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American philosopher, essayist said, “Nobody can bring you peace but yourself.”

You just have to be YOU, you don’t have to do anything out of your way or go anywhere in search of your peace. You need to believe yourself for all your choices and path you are walking on and have to be firm.

When we find peace within ourselves, we exercise a control on our mind and emotions, we feel stable and then we don’t feel lost in life maze so easily. So the peace lies within you, search for it, admire small happy events in life which are your strength and keep moving on.

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