Pandemic and Anxiety : Astrology’s Guidance in Battling The Two

Ever since the pandemic started disrupting lives, many have observed their anxiety levels soar up—something which had not happened years before.

The ongoing pandemic has brought the world to a halt. This pandemic — called the COVID-19 or novel coronavirus — also caused stress, dismay and paved the way for other disturbing thoughts in the minds of individuals across all age groups.

Ever since the pandemic started disrupting lives, many have observed their anxiety levels soar up—something which had not happened years before. The question of how to keep oneself sane pops up now and then during this time.

Several astrologers had expressed their thoughts on this deadly disease when it had just made its mark. The help required from astrologers is more critical now than ever before. Seasoned astrologers have found modern modes of reaching out to their clients — social media platforms. One among those is — Pandit Desraj, who has been a guide in keeping the hopes alive and helping his clients in alleviating anxiety.

A plethora of astrologers, palm readers, tarot card readers and numerologists have come to the rescue of millions living in these dire times.

The time PanditJi spent during his interactions with people living with anxiety has been long and very concerning. His remedies, as touted by his loyal customer base, has — come as a ray of hope. The current tumultuous time has earned him recognition and those he is helping — freedom from disruptive thoughts.

With this intangible infectious disease taking a toll over the mental health of one and all, the way out of this can be daunting. Nevertheless, like every war and struggles meet their end, managing anxiety is surmountable too.

Experts around the globe are yet to announce the arrival of a vaccine that could mop off the disease. This has mounted to anxiety in huge numbers, making people from all walks of life resort to one archaic problem-solving solution — Astrology.

The rising of internal issues have often been neglected; but with very little social interaction, the threat to people living away from family or even amongst couples is soaring high.

With the current situations making lives more fragile and fickle, many individuals are transitioning towards astrology as a coping tool for mental illness.

Professionals in this field (astrology) have swamped with questions concerning finance, career, health and what lies ahead. Astrologers have their clients criticizing the ongoing pandemic as the main source of uncertainty in their minds.

Why Astrology? To simply put, the predictions associated with an individual’s sun or zodiac sign instils some positivity into their minds. For example, if a person belonging to Scorpio hears something positive about predictions, he/she will find some solace. That being said, predictions might also instil fear in their minds. However, prolific astrologers get down to the nitty-gritty of finding answers, thus answering queries and offering remedies to the needy.

How does Astrology help? Astrology has steered many away from the mental state. If you pay heed to the advice, you shall overcome the difficulties. Here are a few recommendations from astrologer to help deal with anxiety:

● Suggest wearing stones that work in favour of your Moon.

● Recommend practicing Yoga to fight any sort of mental issues.

● Recite Mantras. Many astrologers share mantras that must be chanted to soothe the internal pain and bring you out of anxiety.

All in all, many around the world, Indians in particular, are swarming to the doors or inboxes of astrologers to find answers regarding the situation ahead. The reasons for the rise in anxiety and depression are valid and do not require any detailed explanation. To stave off these invisible life-threatening illnesses, sessions with a highly-revered astrologer is recommended.

These pressing times have made astrologers earn the tag of a familiar friend who understands the situation more than one does. A friend who is actively suggesting ways to avert future problems and seek opportunities.

It is common to feel a bit anxious, but never let the clouds of uncertainty bog down your efforts. Vent the emotions out and not pocket them in your mind and heart. Seek a professional's help to relieve the overwhelming fear orchestrated by this pandemic.

Astrology is an easy therapy that requires minimal efforts from your side — just a few questions to answer, and you will be inundated with remedies.

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