Overworked And Undersexed: Workplace Spillover Lower Your Sex Drive

Returning home exhausted after a long day often reduces libido.

Overworking and spending long hours at office is a common problem faced by modern man. The stress to finish a pending project on time constantly looms over our heads. We procrastinate, try to squeeze in a lot of things in little time, sleep late and wake up early. No matter how much we try, some way or the other we are stuck with some form of stress. Needless to say, this affects personal life. Several studies conducted on men have shown how overworking poorly reflects on mental and physical health. A stressful day at work confirms an uneventful night in the bedroom.

Returning home exhausted after a long day often reduces libido. Stress in daily life is also known to cause other sexual problems in men, most common among them being erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation etc. This hampers relationships which in turn again causes more stress. Therefore, one gets stuck in a loop. In today’s busy lifestyle there is an urgent need to keep hormone levels in check which have been unduly affected by stress, bad sleeping habits and unhealthy diet. Normal hormonal levels ensure a healthy sex life and a healthy body. Sex is essential for good for one’s health. Several researches have shown that people who are more sexually active as compared to others have higher life expectancy. Sex works up muscles in the body and ensures good blood circulation and flexibility. So, if it gives so much more than pleasure, it is surely important. But how does one deal with rising relationship issues, work stress and low libido?

One of the most important steps a man should take if he faces sexual problems is to improve his lifestyle and consult a doctor. A doctor can rule out the exact cause of the problem and help solve it with caution and care. At ‘Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health’ the doctors believe in listening to the patient and making them understand that their problem is not permanent but exists because of causes that can be eliminated. While the latest medical developments and techniques are used to cure men’s sexual health issues at the institute, a lot of focus is also given on making everyday lifestyle changes so that the root cause of the problem gets eradicated. Advanced procedures like shockwave therapy, p-shot treatment, sex therapy, penile rejuvenation etc. are carefully carried out on patients but they are also given detailed advice on habits and changes that they can make for maintaining good sexual health.

The problem of low libido and male infertility is on the rise but is important not to ignore them. While work and deadlines continue, it is also necessary that one takes a step forward to care of things that give pleasure. Afterall, a good life is a balance of work and play. So, stress a little less about that presentation and come back home to relax and find comfort in a good relationship where your sexual health doesn’t disappoint you or your partner.

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