Overcoming stress at home: six effective strategies

The whole world is facing a situation that probably has no match in the recorded history. The pandemic has led to a work-from-home scenario, closing of educational institutions and schools, and families spending most of their time indoors.

We all pride in talking about the fast-paced digital lives that we live in 2020. However, what is often ignored or brushed aside is the prevalence of stress and anxiety that such a lifestyle has brought along. The situation has only become more challenging with the pandemic outbreak this year. The whole world is facing a situation that probably has no match in the recorded history. The pandemic has led to a work-from-home scenario, closing of educational institutions and schools, and families spending most of their time indoors. Consequently, there are various challenges such as lack of ‘me time’, privacy, social interaction and the need to maintain hygienic and cheerful atmosphere at home.Things can become overwhelming if we don’t adopt the right approach and take charge. Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the easy and highly effective stress-busting activities and techniques that can help us live better and safer at home!

Change your perspective

Staying at home has curtailed social activities to a large extent. People often find days listless and many of us are even struggling to recall what day or date it was. At times, there could be very little motivation to get up in the morning and get going. However, we must realize that we are not confined to our homes, but just advised so for our own well-being. Life and all its processes should go on as usual. In fact, consider this period as a great opportunity for self assessment and personal growth.

Follow a routine

People are working from home and in some cases, they have resumed going to office as well. Whichever category you belong to, following a routine is crucial. Get up in the morning, take care of your personal hygiene, get ready and then log into work. The only thing you are not doing is to commute to work. All other activities have turned digital and people are even conducting online meetings, video calls and virtual get-togethers to keep the communication flowing.

Connect with yourself

The hectic pace of life hardly allowed people to pursue their interests. There is so much on everyone’s wish-list ranging from writing a book to learning a new language or doing a course, etc. In many cases, the wish might be to simply sit back and do a Netflix binge watch or learn cooking. Consider the new normal as the right time to do things you have kept pending and you will be surprised to see how relaxing it can prove. You can also use this period to re-connect with old friends and relatives. They will feel valued and you will get the satisfaction of having touched base with them.

Exercise and nutrition

The prevalent pandemic and numerous other diseases affect a person when their immunity is weak and the body lacks in nutrition. Therefore, make eating a balanced diet and exercise an integral part of your routine. Focus on physical and mental exercises depending on your fitness levels and needs. For instance, walking, jogging, climbing stairs, watering the plants etc., can be good physical activities depending on the person’s age and health. A healthy mind needs a healthy body to live in. Therefore, we must focus on eating nutritious food which contains the right amounts of vitamins, minerals, fibre and proteins etc. Alongside that, one can also try mindfulness exercises for mental peace. All this focus on physical and mental wellness will enhance your ability to reduce stress and work more efficiently. It will also give you greater confidence and a sense of being in control of the situation.


This is an ideal time for restoring order in your home and mental space. There is so much clutter in the form of unused articles, useless and negative thoughts and negativity that we compile over the course of our daily lives. It is time to filter such things out from our intellectual as well as living spaces. Let go of your fears, past notions and beliefs as well as the unwanted stuff lying all over the house.

Deep breathing

Stress often puts us into a flight-or-fight mindset. In such a scenario, the body releases stress hormones and one might experience faster heartbeat, breathing and other such symptoms of agitation. By undertaking deep breathing activities, our body’s parasympathetic nervous system is activated and these exercises are also good for our respiratory health.

Speak to an expert

It is true that living inside our homes during the pandemic or facing disruption to a regular life with a constant flow of negative news can be scary and stressful. However, all this stress is not needed or helpful in any manner. We must focus on the right things such as personal hygiene and fitness, professional commitments, spending time with family and taking care of each other as well as our homes. If any stress or depression is experienced then there is plenty of assistance available in the form of counsellors, professional psychologists and other experts who can effectively take care of the situation. They are available round the clock on digital platforms and apps and you can consult them from the comfort and security of your homes.

Remember that pandemic is just a phase and things will get better. Instead of worrying about what is happening, let’s focus on getting ready for the great times ahead!

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