OZiva Kickstarts Latest Campaign - ‘#BeautyAndarBahar’ That Focuses On Holistic Skin Health

Introduces one of a kind clinically proven ‘daily anti-aging routine’ that provides complete collagen boost from the inside and out

OZiva, India’s leading certified clean, plant-based holistic wellness brand, kick starts a new campaign ‘#BeautyAndarBahar’ to redefine the way skin aging is perceived in India with their ‘daily anti-aging routine’. The routine aims to encourage consumers to adopt holistic nourishment of skin that not only focuses on applying the right products but also consuming clean, plant based nutrition. The routine tackles the impact of aging on skin with its Plant-Based Collagen Builder, clinically proven to give a 10X increase in collagen production in the body along with Youth Elixir serum that helps reduce wrinkles by up to 50%. 

The #BeautyAndarBahar campaign is centered on the concept of holistically nourishing the skin from the inside-out using an advanced Anti-ageing routine based on clinically-proven actives. 

To mark the launch of the routine, popular celebrities like Shamita Shetty and Saiyyami Kher have also shared their reviews about the same. 

Although, aging of skin is a natural process; chronological age is just one of the factors affecting the skin. External and internal elements like sun, pollution, stress, lack of sleep, consumption of tobacco, etc. are in fact making skin age faster than the individual’s physical age. Hence, maintaining healthy skin by taking control of the impact of these factors is a must. 

Commenting on this, Sneha Tekriwal, Category Head - Skin & Hair, OZiva, says “With so many undesirable forces constantly acting against our skin, people are witnessing a sharp acceleration in the aging process of their skin as the skin’s health depends on what you apply as much as what you consume. Hence it is imperative that our skin is supplemented with clean, plant-based nutrition along with the right application products. With OZiva daily anti-aging routine, we aim to provide an easy to follow, 2-step routine that consumers can follow to get healthier and radiant skin”.

Also speaking on the same, Dr. Supriya Raut, R&D Lead at OZiva, added “After we turn 20, the collagen production in our body decreases gradually due to internal and external factors. This in addition to the photodamage caused not only under the sun but also by hours spent in front of digital screens has made skin aging faster than before. With the combination of OZiva Collagen Builder and Youth Elixir Face Serum, we have developed proprietary ingredients, scientifically crafted to help provide maximum anti-aging benefit to the skin.” 

Apart from using the aforementioned anti-ageing routine, it is also important to live a well-balanced lifestyle that comprises healthy eating, ample workout, and sound sleep.  

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