Nutrition & Fitness: Personalised training makes staying fit from home easy.

Making healthcare one of the major concerns of the people across the globe and bringing primary focus towards the preventive healthcare segment, we can safely say nutrition and fitness have emerged as prime pillars of this awakening

The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has brought the entire world to a standstill. Today, with the ongoing health-crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, building immunity is in the spotlight. Making healthcare one of the major concerns of the people across the globe and bringing primary focus towards the preventive healthcare segment, we can safely say nutrition and fitness have emerged as prime pillars of this awakening.

While individuals can browse online to gain advice from a plethora of platforms, on building nutritional value in their diet, it is always wise to follow the advice of an expert. Nutritionist experts can help an individual understand the calorie count of their diet, they can assist with guidance on what is good and advisable for the body and what can otherwise be reduced or avoided. This advice is given as per each individual’s body type, BMI, age, any prior/existing illness background, current biological, environmental concerns among other factors.

A nutritionist can also take any food allergies into account and guide on a diet that aligns with an individual’s preference. For instance, certain kinds of food constraints will be considered for individuals who follow vegetarianism or veganism or those who are lactose intolerant. Hence, an expert can help on these aspects and provide a personalized guidance which is effective yet in consideration of the consumers preference.

Similarly, when we look at fitness services, it is essential to have an expert’s advice in an individual’s fitness journey. Today, expert advice with virtual training is becoming relevant considering the lockdown and limited gatherings permitted. Consumers can easily avail virtual training services, all from the comfort of their homes. Ranging from ‘live workout sessions’ to ‘video on demand’ facilities or to ‘personal training’ coaches, the services provided are keeping in mind various individual preferences.

Personal training is also necessary to take into account individual factors like age, flexibility, and the fitness level- beginner, frequent at working out/intermediate, regular at working out. For instance, for someone who exercises twice a week and is looking for a workout regime that focuses on a certain body muscle, can have access to workout sessions of his preference. Similarly, virtual fitness sessions are devised in a way where they also cater across multiple age-groups. Mobility is a huge concern for senior-citizens who need to take walks but are currently restricted. However, they can make use of the yoga exercise sessions available online which also is a great way of working out. With no requirement of any kind of equipment, this workout form works as an alternate way of working out.

In conclusion, personal training and coaching for nutrition and fitness requirements via virtual services are working like a boon for individuals in the lockdown. It is being predicted that in the ‘new normal’ post lockdown era, both the engagement models- virtual fitness sessions and physical gyms/fitness centres will co-exist and lead to a better and more effective wellness eco-system across the country.

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