Nurture Your Mind, Body And Soul With Yoga And Music

If yoga postures are combined with sound, it can give exceptional outcomes

World Music Day is celebrated every year to honour musicians and their gift of music. It commenced in 1982 with an idea to bring musicians out in the neighborhood based on the thought that everybody could enjoy some music. Since it is proven that yoga as well as music helps in soothing the soul, brings mental peace, combined together they can lead to a powerful interplay of action, emotion and even silence – essential for spiritual growth. In unison they can expedite the journey to inner realization, and this is because both these forms connect to the universal energies transcending through individual’s finite consciousness to infinite consciousness.

Music is an arrangement of sound in a particular order, so as to yield something beautiful and melodious. It's the vibration produced by a combination of ‘sound’ in different frequencies that can create an environment conducive to human mind in myriad ways, just like how our ancestors used to leverage the power of chanting on various occasions during ‘Yagya’. Likewise, Yoga –with different asanas imbibe the element of ‘nada’ (sound) in a particular order to achieve the desired level of mental, emotional, and physical balance together with inner growth. Mentioned below are certain asanas that combine sound and yoga, and can go a long way in reaching our spiritual goals.


AnulomVilom is a specific type of Pranayama, practiced by breathing through alternate nostrils for a desired duration. This leads to physical as well as psychological benefits like reduced stress, better breathing and improved cardiovascular functions. Sit in meditation pose, with both spine and neck in an upright position, eyes shut and middle and index fingers folded to form a zero, positioned on the knees. Close the nostril with the thumb and inhale through the other nostril, slowly and deeply. Be cautious of the breathing pattern here as the sound of breathing helps one to determine the outcome of the process. Repeat the process by closing the other nostril, and inhaling through one and exhaling through the one closed by the thumb. Over time, you will start flowing seamlessly through your breathing sound, which will not just relax the body but your mind as well.


Bhastrika is another form of Pranayama that can energize the whole body. It is performed by rapid inhalation and exhalation, and focusing on the sound of breathing. Take the position of vajrasana, and clench your fists and fold arms to place them near shoulders, to be ready for this form of yoga. Take a deep breath, stretch your arms upward and open the fists. In the next step, exhale with force, bring the palms back near the shoulders and make a fist. You will realize that Bhaastrikaasan through rhythmic breathing, will result in increment in the quantity of oxygen inside the body. No wonder, it is also called as ‘breath of fire’.

Om chanting

Om sound is often the first sound one learns during their journey to learn yoga. In mythology, it is considered as the first sound of the universe. It energizes the body and mind. Om sound is also the first correlation between yoga and music. While performing Om chanting with body, heart and soul connected in this direction, different forms of sound can be heard. It is the sound that connects the living beings with nature and the universe. During Om chanting, air is pulled from different parts of the body such as stomach, chest and neck to create a variation in the sounds, which is what ultimately leads to the union of body and soul to the universe.


Also known as the humming bee breathing technique, Bhramari Pranayama is an amalgamation of sound and Yoga. Particularly known for calming the mind instantly, it also alleviates anger, frustration and anxiety from the body. Perfect for millennial suffering from all sorts of mental disorders, it is easy to perform too. Sit in a meditation posture at a well-ventilated spot, preferably outdoors, in a park. Breathe in while placing the index fingers on the cartilage of the ears' auricles and press there while breathing out. After this, make a loud humming sound just like the bees. Repeat 7-8 times and one can immediately see the calming effect of this asana.

Nada Yoga

Nada Yoga is the most perfect manifestation of Yoga and music. According to ancient vedic texts, pure vibrations or cosmic sounds called Nada Brahman that led to the creation of the universe. In Nada Yoga the yoga practitioner tries to recreate those sounds that leads one to listen to the sound of their inner spirit. It is divided in different stages, starting with pratyahara, dharana and dhyana. In its advanced stages, body energies are harmonized to align with natural vibrations. This ultimately leads to achieving high level of consciousness. Specific Pranayams under Nada Yoga can be practiced too.

We are all aware of the astonishing results of yoga, for it leads to a calm mind, flexible body and lessens the impact of ageing, thereby enabling us to enjoy life better. If yoga postures are combined with sound, it can give exceptional outcomes. And this is precisely why music and yoga go hand in hand to nurture the mind, body and soul.

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