New-Age Schooling For The Overall Wellbeing Of Children

A post-pandemic learning scenario calls for a very different approach to education

For parents of young children, it can be quite daunting to explore this so-called new-age schooling. Yet these new-age educational techniques are extremely important keeping the overall wellbeing of children in mind. What exactly does this concept entail? The team at Vedanya International School is here to explain.

“We are all learners. After all, learning is a lifelong process. It takes a learner to inspire another. To have a happy group of learners is our mission. Learners, who believe in their individual talents, and realize them through collaborative learning and compassionate relationships. Learners, for whom caring for their environment and handling technology as creators, is a reality. Vedanya believes that the journey with children into their challenging future can best be achieved through a tri-partnership of learners, parents and the school staff,” says Sudeshna Sengupta, Director, Academics at Vedanya International School.

Their primary school has been operational since March 2022, in Sector 48, Gurugram. Seven other educational institutions will soon be launched in Gurugram as well. The basic approach of Vedanya International School is to be opportunistic without rigidly sticking to a K12 educational system.

“At Vedanya we are comfortable in our ethos of providing a happy learning and working environment for everyone who joins us. From our learners to their parents, our teachers and our co-curricular facilitators, our management and the community around us – everyone is bound together to design a safe and meaningful journey for our learners for a future that we have not imagined as yet. Hence our endeavour is to nurture a realization in each of our children of their skills, aptitudes, the power of imagination and the thirst for new learning. We believe that it takes a learner to find another, so we tag ourselves as being forever learners,” explains Nishchint Chawla, Director at Vedanya International School.

The team points towards well-balanced students being ones who are happy, creative, empathetic, and inquisitive children who love being at school. They enjoy the company of others around them, believe in self-discovery and are open to new challenges. And this is the promise of Vedanya International School.

The educational curriculum followed is the International Baccalaureate, and in the future, they are open to looking at the curriculum of the Central Board of Secondary Education depending on the needs of the locality and geographical positioning of the school.

Chawla states, “Vedanya International School is committed to ecological literacy, mindfulness of surroundings, and sustainable practices as a way of life. We do this by ensuring an extra judicious approach towards water management; a climate-responsive design in the school with wall and glass insulation; a 100 percent solid waste management system in place during school operations; among other measures.”

Vedanya International School also has an improved indoor air quality with 30 percent extra fresh air supply in all spaces. 95 percent of the area is beautifully lit, assuring better productivity and a healthy ambience. They also use fly-ash content in RCC Structure, bricks and AAC blocks for masonry and recycled material in the building. Further, they have chosen to work with preferred local and regionally manufactured materials to promote local employment. Special care has been taken while using low VOC paints, adhesives, finishes and sealants as they are better suited for children. They have also used urea formaldehyde-free composite wood products for furniture and wall panelling.

The 21st century belongs to learners who focus on acquiring relevant skills and experiences. Vedanya International School’s integrated curriculum includes a creator’s lab where children are treated as creators rather than consumers of technology. They also give importance to the sustainability sphere; multi-sensory resource library where children celebrate the world of words with print, audio and video books; as well as a music and movement room where children engage in physical literacy with capoeira. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to explore a new-age educational experience that will enhance your children’s wellbeing.

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