Neelam Vaswani - Global Health Services Lead For India And ANZ, Johnson & Johnson Pvt. Ltd. India

Armed with 15 years of experience across wellness, HR and social initiatives, her mission is to promote holistic wellbeing to all.

Neelam Vaswani's designation is - Lead for Global Health Services, Johnson & Johnson Group of Companies for India, Australia, and New Zealand. She leads the Employee Wellbeing Strategy for J&J. Armed with 15 years of experience across wellness, HR and social initiatives, her mission is to promote holistic wellbeing to all. Her wellbeing journey started with J&J, where wellbeing is embedded as part of Credo. She got inspired by the J&Js Energy for Performance program which focuses on finding purpose and holistic wellbeing. Inspired by it, she left J&J after a period of fruitful 8 years of career, to deepen her purpose through Yoga education with The Yoga Institute, Mumbai, one of the oldest institutions. During this time, she led community initiatives like TruckAasana, a drivers’ wellbeing program, positively impacting 2 lakh truckers. She has been a speaker for AMCHAM, Zee India, and Tata Sky Wellness. Her purpose got her back to J&J where her personal mission could multiply exponentially with J&J’s mission of health for humanity. In the last 2 years, she has led COVID Crisis Management and wellbeing for over 10,000 employees, families and partners and positively impacted more than millions of patients and customers. She is grateful for finding her purpose and living it every day. She aspires to create the healthiest workforce for organizations, establish community wellbeing programs, and mentor people in the wellbeing space.

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