Naad – The Cosmic Music of Yoga

All experience has a sound, whether communicated aloud or not. The artistry of that sound within ourselves enables us to shape our reality and our life. Entrenched in the science of sound from ancient India, Naad Yoga is a healing journey of alleviation, growth, and awareness based on the universal language of emotions expressed through musical moods that resonate within the human psyche.

Yoga, an ancient but scientific practice of bodily exercises, activates energy spheres (chakras) and energy channels (nadis). It is an inner journey towards a harmonious union of body, mind, and soul. Yoga is the lake in which your body swims and comes out more beautiful and graceful than ever. Just like the fountain of youth.

These Chakras, seven in number, are the spiritual centres of the human body. According to the Vedic Philosophy, yoga and music both are part of Nada Vidya. Yoga deals with the realization of Anahata nada,  unstruck sound (extrasensory vibrations) of the eternal force of cosmic consciousness. In other words, Anahata means cosmic music. It is not merely a physical exercise but combinations of therapeutic postures that activate certain chakras and nadis in the body. It is also a journey within. It helps in creating a harmony of mind, body, and soul. On the other hand, music pertains to the rhythmic flow of the Ahata nada, which is struck sound (perceivable sonic currents) that is produced in nature.

The Shastric schools of music discovered musical octave (sa, re, ga, ma, pa, dha, ni, sa) from the sounds of Nature and invented the basic classical ragas for activating specific streams of natural powers and effects; a wide variety of musical compositions were generated consequently. The original ragas of the Indian classical music (Shastric Music) were created according to the deep knowledge of harmonious consonance between the seven swaras and chakras. This is why shastric musical compositions are found to have a significant positive effect on the mind-body system and also have the potential to awaken the otherwise dormant energies. This journey of seven musical notes transcends in the world of seven mystical chakras providing a fresh outlook on life, adding value to your daily tasks and aligning your body and mind to work in perfect congruency.  Like the chirpings of a cricket on a moonlit night, music puts your soul in a peaceful place where you can connect with the universe.

Vaishnaavi Chavan, a yoga instructor at Euphonic Yoga shares, “Naad yoga is based on the experience of how sound vibrations affect the body and mind. These sacred sounds create sacred patterns in our chakras, and subtle bodies, identical with that of the Universe’s. The ‘unstruck sound – anahata’ relates to one's own sound vibrations, connected with one’s self that cannot be shared with others. It further ensures inner awareness and increased sensitivity that leads to self-realization and awakening. Among the benefits of practising naad yoga are substantial improvement for concentration, taming mind, and self-recollection.”

Within the yoga clan, Naad Yoga is the most clear-cut path to ultimate virtuosity and self-realization. It is based on an ancestral and universal ABCs of emotions with 22 letters, called “shruti” – the micro-tone notes. Behind the technique is a beautiful experience of relief and fulfilment. Projected onto the musical scale, the emotional signatures, also called “raaga” resonates with the personal canvas which you paint with love and anger, calmness and passion, longing and mourning, positivity and negativity, beauty and grace. These tones of emotion are very much reflected in the tuning of “sympathetic strings“ on instruments, intended for the purpose of meditation. The raga also influences the chakra to maintain its optimum spin and balance, ensuring a balanced energy supply to different organs that are connected to the specific chakra.

“It may be interesting to know, in Naad Yoga, awareness flows through the senses. Hearing comes first, as with the embryo. Producing music activates touch and visualization. Eventually, all senses are involved, at a deep level of listening and meditation, opening a path to wisdom, self-control and proficiency.” shares a young tabla maestro Pranshu Chatur Lal.

This World Yoga and Music Day, discover spiritual qualities of sounds, language and words connect them to the living and non-living things and events which represents bringing wisdom to your life.

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