Minding "Our Minds" During The Uncertainty of Covid-19

Right now, people are feeling grief over the loss of routines, certainty, and a perception of themselves being generally healthy and protected

The coronavirus pandemic has become a brutal psychological test. The uncertainty of not knowing when the outbreak of COVID-19 will end, coupled with a constant stream of unfavourable and conflicting news from both the mainstream and social media is taking a toll on people’s wellbeing. One common emotion that might not be immediately obvious is grief. Right now, people are feeling grief over the loss of routines, certainty, and a perception of themselves being generally healthy and protected.

If you find yourself getting caught up in fear of what might happen, try to shift your focus to things you can control. The secret to handling change and uncertainty is to focus on progress. If you can carry on with day to day life and continue to progress in small ways, you will feel significant.

By following these steps, you can bring a sense of structure and certainty to an otherwise chaotic time.

Stay Active

You can train your mind to consistently feel positive emotions by staying physically fit and healthy. Your emotions are directly linked to the way you use your body. While you are stuck at home more than you would like, do not make it an excuse to skip your fitness routine and add to your stress. There are innumerous fitness apps today that can help you workout from the comfort of your home. Find something to your liking and follow it every day.

Give Gratitude

Whatever we focus on, we tend to feel and attract. Focusing on your tribulations is a recipe for stress. But, focusing on things that matter is the secret to living a phenomenal life. Train your mind to look for positive moments. Everything and everyone you have close to you is a blessing and I know you realise this right now more than ever. So every morning take 10 minutes to think about everything you are grateful for, start with yourself, include your family and think of some simple pleasures from the previous day.

Make Family Time Fun

For every hardship we face there also exists a blessing in disguise. All of us crave for quality time with family when we are drowned neck-deep in work. Plan your evenings, instead of talking about the negative news and challenges ahead. Find some activities you can enjoy as a family, play a game, share stories, watch a movie or cook dinner together. This is the time you go that extra mile to build positive memories with your loved ones.

Understand that life will never go as planned. There will always be undesirable surprises. So rather than telling yourself that you have lost something, have less of something, or will never have what you want, you can make the decision to build an abundant mindset by focusing on what you’re grateful for rather than focusing on what's wrong.

Expect the best and be prepared for the worst. The next time you find yourself worrying too much about the negative outcomes of Covid-19, snap your fingers, and consciously focus on better possibilities instead.

All you need is to maintain a little faith, show some trust in your creator & nurture hope for a brighter future. Remember, that after every winter there is a summer and this too shall pass.

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