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Women are those divine beings that unflinchingly put others above themselves. Right from their physical anatomy to their psychological makeup, they are designed to care for others

Every time we board an airline, they show us an onboard safety instruction :-  “Please help yourself before you assist others”. It may seem a routine statement but it is a truly profound one. 

Women are those divine beings that unflinchingly put others above themselves. Right from their physical anatomy to their psychological makeup, they are designed to care for others. 

A female spirit’s journey begins as a young girl who must be nourished, cherished and filled with education and culture to become a strong and powerful woman who shapes the future. The body, mind and spirit must in unison, be nurtured until they are brimming with goodness, health, positivity and wisdom. 

To be mindful of our own existence is to take command over our lives. When a woman in particular takes care of herself, she is in turn ensuring the health of the family that depends on her, that looks up to her and needs her.

Yoga is a great way to introduce your mind and body to health and happiness. Here are a few yogic practices that everybody should include into their self-help routines.

Asanas and Pranayama

Asanas and pranayama techniques help achieve the much coveted, everyday health. dedicate an hour of your day just to enhance your physical health. Asanas coupled with pranayama techniques ensure that the body remains fit and the internal organs function healthily. 

Here are some asanas that can practiced everyday to maintain good health. though these can be practiced by anyone, it is best recommended that you are guided by a skilled professional during your practice. 

Always begin your practice with Sukshma Vyayam or subtle exercises. loosen up your body with gentle stretches and soft rotations of all limbs and joints. Start from your toes and work your way up to your neck.


• Begin by standing at the beginning of your mat.

• Keep your feet together, legs straight and spine erect.

• Look forward and allow your arms to hover beside your body.

• Close your eyes and try to evenly distribute your body weight between your legs without leaning onto any one side. Inhale and exhale normally.

This asana is a great practice for posture, physical and mental balance.


• Sit down in the center of your mat with your legs stretched out forward.

• Bring your right leg in, with your knee on the floor, your foot must be placed close to your pelvis.

• Bring your left leg in, knee on the mat and left foot crossed over your right.

• Your back must be straight as you face forward.

• Close your eyes and place the back of your palms over your knees. Inhale and exhale normally.

An amazing asana meant to give you a blissful experience and is generally the posture of choice for meditative practices.

Adho Mukhi Swanasana 

• Stand at the beginning of your mat, bend your knees gently as you bring your upper body towards the floor.

• Extend your arms and place your palms flat on the floor beside your feet.

• Walk your feet back and keep your pelvis up to form a triangular shape with your body with respect to your mat.

• Ensure that your heels touch the floor, your knees are straight and your spine is erect as your feet are beside each other.

• Allow your neck to drop down for a deeper stretch of your spine.

This is wonderful asana for your physical practice and even has positive effects on your mental health as well.

 Other asanas that have innumerable benefits which you must surely practice daily are 

• Vajrasana

• Baddha konasana 

• Paschimottansana 

• Bhujanga asana 

• Vrikshasana 

• Sarvang asana and

• Halasana 

Be sure to practice Surya Namaskar every day for the best possible form of health.

When the body is devoid of disease or discomfort, then we can take the next step towards mental and spiritual health.


Meditation is the exercise of the mind to open the gateways to your spirit.  There are innumerable guided meditation techniques such as Ropan dhyaan or Bhrahmand Gaman dhyaan that can bring health to your spirit. Spiritual happiness is the experience of contentment and bliss. It is the feeling of perfection and contentment in any task you perform, however small.


Always rise with the sun, bear witness to the rays of the almighty sun travelling across space to bring warmth to your body. these early morning rays bring with them great health and nourishment. It is the perfect time to practice surya namaskar and meditation. 

Allow the sun to guide you through your day, try to consume all meals within the time of the sun’s reign over the sky. It is the giver of life and the Guru to one of the most iconic Yogis of our history.

Always remember to help yourself so you can help others. how we have influenced the lives of others is the legacy we leave behind.

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