Mindful Motherhood

A visit to the doctor confirms the pregnancy and the joy of the to-be mother is unparalleled. And it suddenly dawns on her ‘oh god! I’m going to have a baby!’. Along with experiencing the joy of becoming a mother the journey has its own trials such as fear of labor, depression, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed. This takes a toll on her mental health. Simply put it can be hard for some women. The good news is it needn’t be that hard if she practices Mindfulness.

While pregnancy is a special and important time for the to-be-mother it brings along with it a roller coaster of emotions to deal with; be it the fear of labour pains, anxiety about being a good mother, depression or any physical discomfort. The practice of Mindfulness will help alleviate this.

So, What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of being present and aware in the moment as it happens, taking note of your thoughts and feelings and experiencing them fully. 

The practice encourages you to experience emotions without trying to change or suppress them. In this way you become aware and present to your own emotions and learn to navigate them without being too troubled by them i.e. you start to grow mentally stronger. This automatically has a positive effect on your baby even while it is still inside of you; your baby also starts to grow mentally stronger.

Meditation is one of the most important ways of practising mindfulness. A regular mindfulness meditation practice can help reduce the depression or the baby blues periods during pregnancy and also reduce labour pains or contractions.

Mindfulness can also be practised in other ways like for example whether it’s doing relaxing stretches or soothing movements, you can become aware of your physical movements. Or while savouring the smell of your current pregnancy craving (chocolate and pickles anyone?), or just feeling frustrated at not being able to reach over your bump to put your socks on, you can accept what is happening and how you feel about it, this will help move on properly without continuing to worry about it.

In your busy lives, it is not often that you take time to connect with your baby while it is still inside of you, mindfulness can be a great way to do this. By slowing down or pausing and breathing with the baby can bring a sense of calm, stability for both of you.  Noticing the movements of the little one can help bring your own bodily awareness which otherwise you would miss experiencing. Practising sending loving wishes to yourself and your little one in the womb helps both of you grow kinder and stronger.

Time flies and before you realize you see a new life in your hands. You smile and wonder what the new journey of being a mother will bring. The journey post delivery has its own trials and tribulations but as you continue the practice of mindfulness it can help you be present, calm and joyous for yourself and your baby.

Happy Mother’s day!


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