Mind: The Power Mental Asylum

Some tools are often perceived as evidences which contribute towards a lack of balance in the internal mental house

The mind is an important apparatus which forms, cultivates, perpetrates, conforms and sometimes destroys your inner mental house! The same to which you claim to be the sole owner! So how that is something which is yours turns against you? Why is this inner mental house sabotaged by external factors? Such unseen occurrences can be genetic or environmental or even both. This causes the mind to crusade through several coping mechanisms. Such tools are often perceived as evidences which contribute towards a lack of balance in the internal mental house.

The same balance which has lost its vigour and robustness in the process of calming the mind. The mind equated to a monkey has jumped from one end to the other repetitively and formed a culmination of elaborate and complex occurrences which it despises.

This leads to despair and hopelessness which causes the mind to ‘split’ itself in order to cope up with what is thrown at it or rather it assumes is thrown at it. The provocation makes the mind grow out of its disarrangement and create a split inside itself! Such a split of the mind is what we call ‘Schizophrenia.’

Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder in which people interpret reality abnormally. Schizophrenia may result in some combination of hallucinations, delusions, and extremely disordered thinking and behaviour that impairs daily functioning, and can be disabling.

The reality is so skewed that the imagination becomes the very essence of character and then that very imagination translates into an alternate reality which defines the person’s existence! The person creates his own weapon in his mind to defend his solid positioning in life. The problem here is such a powerful weapon cannot exist on its own. It needs a coercion to collide against and that force lands up being the person himself. So the person retains his reality and imagination ensuring both of them live in peace. At least, that was the reason for creating the imagination in the first place for tranquillity.

This sounds attainable as an idea but then as an execution and further implementation it creates too much chaos! As the more the person craves moving towards reality; the more the person is pulled back by imagination. The imagination makes the person detest reality so much so that everything the person touches upon as reality becomes a threat and even an ultimatum! Such threats give rise to vivid episodes of hallucinations and delusions far too often. This over a period of time makes the brain split so complicated and convoluted that the placement of balance scale breaks down.

The contributing factor to consider here is that how does such an event make one grow into something better and emerge into something far more superior? Is that even possible? When the only formulation is a coping mechanism of sorts! The mind which split itself abruptly to protect the person is what is making the person flip now! That is stating the two worlds cannot co-exist inside one universe they will compete.

However, have we looked at it from a perspective that how powerful the mind is to make a person split itself up in a formation where two identities attempt to co-exist! One identity is the interface the person has created for himself through his life journey and varied experiences and the other identity is the interface the person has designed to face the challenges.

This is where the precise game of life begins! In such processes and procedures the ‘psychosis’ inculcates a severe mental disorder that drives the thought and emotions to be so impaired and disabled that the contact is lost with external reality! The internal compass defeats the external compass. That is fine and bearable till the level of interference and intervention is not catastrophic; as eventually it does move towards getting fatal considering the mind rejects and objects everything which is external and real vehemently!

It argues with the external people by striking back at them that imagination is far more real and they have to agree to it. There is NO rule of agree to disagree here for the mind of such a person undergoing psychosis. As the mind does not want to settle for anything lesser than growing the powerful! In order to only defend the vulnerable this causes the disorder of psychosis as both of them exist within the same person!

The mind questions the pain, the anguish, the unrest, the despair which it foretells to the inner world. It is suggested ways of hallucinations and delusions that indicate elimination of the external world. Once you eliminate the external world you will be unstoppable, is the proclamation. This feeling of eminence is what gives a person during the onset of psychosis so much strength to do things one has never ever done! The powerful mode always does go berserk in order to win!

Such as cook up stories, fake encounters, lives and shares a life with someone who does not exist, speak in a tone which does not comprehend normalcy or directive of reasonable speech, curb the holistically grown environment and in turn self harm cum self sabotage repeatedly! Since day to day activities get tampered the difficulty and struggle with concentration, focus and memory may present itself. Then a person does not have a chance to explain himself or even understand what is going on. This when the ‘beautiful’ mind gives way to a disarray of judgement and the vital force of life goes for toss! This is all a question of perspective though.

If the perspective does not bend towards psychosis, find way for profound stress and elevates itself to heightened levels of worry; what happens? It confers itself towards been ‘Neurotic’ which means you're afflicted by neurosis! Neurosis is to describe mental, emotional, or physical reactions that are drastic and irrational. At its root, a neurotic behaviour is an automatic, unconscious effort to manage deep anxiety.

It is said that a neurotic behaviour is the sign of a genius! In fact it is claimed to be the prerequisite of a creative genius! If you harbour the traits you can move towards excellence only if you can identify it in your mind. The same mind which is making you irrational and unreasonable to such an extent that people cannot reason with you.

This is when you can focus your attention towards one thing to gauge compatibility; the purpose or goal which transcends beyond the realm of imagination and reality. As this is a goal which in turn thrives to become a vision that needs to be indentified and then fulfilled!

A vision which supports innovation and transformation to be the key form of occurrence! So you turn your flaws, your weakness, your pain, your anguish which causes you to be anxious and apprehensive into something which is considered to be unattainable. In a way it is an imagination but not to be seen as a coping mechanism but to be viewed as a tool to uplift you, formulate you and bring out the best in you!

So when a person with such heightened passion falls in line with his inner self he creates a version which is unconquerable! As the skewed balance becomes a blessing as well as a curse. If you become averse the reality you become a genius and if you become cornered by imagination it becomes your curse.

So the best cure and the greatest form of healing exists with the very mind itself! If you can cultivate your mind to be your good and trusted friend then it will click like magic! Every person who is undergoing a disorder or rather living with it; is well aware of the same! In fact he is the only person who is more aware than anyone else! When you are so familiarised with the fact you can be the deciding factor whether you want the mind to be the healer or the mind to be the slayer.

If that is easier when it is told then well, what is not easy to tell and quite difficult to implement. The whole idea and design is to create an internal mental asylum in your mind in which you are the patient as you are the sufferer, you are the doctor as you are the healer! If you can make that happen then you are a genius with a ‘beautiful’ mind in a time when most people are living with mediocrity.

You have not only created a version of alternate reality but taken shape into it and are living in it. You have made others believe it so much that they have come to a realisation that you own something which is way too robust and far too mighty hence, they require you to normalize and fit in!

This is a point to remember that you will struggle and brawl to fit in as what is normal any way? As it is to be believed and ventured that there are 7 million versions of normal worldwide! So the quest is not to fit into a herd mentality but to become the very torch bearer of your life. The very life which you have created with that beautiful mind!

The same life which gives rise to an imagination which was so profound that the power to make people averse makes you go against yourself! This is the same place where the battle is lost and control is forfeited. Never ever lose that sense of control, recognise your power in your inner mental asylum of belief and make it shine thorough! Once you do that you are respected for your uniqueness and you can co-exist with the mediocre. You are no longer defined by your inbred personality as you have superseded it.

You are redefined by your brain power which catapults you to grow leaps and bounds ensuring that you live several lives in this one life. So a sense of reincarnated perspective is what defines you and you build your mental state in your very inner mental asylum. This in turn fits your capacitated bill making your outer world so beautiful. That nobody can possibly touch it, buy it, acquire it and destroy it with mediocrity. Your inner mental asylum creates its own destiny and pathway; you do not become a victim to it but set an example of sorts by harvesting two worlds nested in truce in it.

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