Middle Class Madness

I am a proud middleclass person and I have observed and read and researched about it for years

Lets understand middleclass madness in the next few paragraphs from my perspective. Today lets put at least 5 alarms - I must .. I have to … no way - I have to get up at 5 am. Just finished reading the book, “Effective habits of successful people”. Next morning comes, oh God! the alarm did not ring. In the smartest speculative I kept on checking my mobile and looking what happened or went wrong. I got to know the battery died or the alarm was never set in the middle of the night. Just a small snippet of middle-class madness. Tomorrow comes and the process starts again as still in the back of my mind “Effectiveness of Successful people" has some dilapidated remains.

"Please please God!! Please get my presentation sorted today. Trust me I will never ask for anything else ever. Indefinite pause please God. Trust me God likes all prayers and the presentation somehow goes well." Yet another flare of Middle-Class Madness!

"Doctor all these tests are on panel right?". The doctor says - please don’t worry at all, these will get reimbursed. Then add cholesterol test and uric acid one as well. Finally the reports were being mailed and the doctors ask you for a follow up visit. Trust me a soft voice amid a crisis does the ice breaker. Sorry to say however you must control your protein diet. Interestingly I got to know a poor soul’s protein diet was the outcome of low carbs weight management just from last to last month. Now you try the “Keto Diet” and leave everything and come back after few days we will do a test again and hopefully everything will be fine. And the cycle goes on. Yet another Middle-Class style.

Well, my research on middle class madness has not been recently or accidently; trust me I am a proud middleclass person and I have observed and read and researched about it for years. I have so many such instances to which you will relate to if you are a middle class person as well. We are real contributors to society and major economy drivers across the globe as we are almost 50 percent of the world population. 

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