Mars Unusual long stay in Aries 2020

Mars is also known as commander-in-chief among nine planets (Navagraha) and is signification of Brother, Land, Business, Might & Courage.

Mars, the planet of action will move to its own sign Aries on 16th August 2020 and will go retrograde on 9th September; it’ll fall back in Pisces on 4th Oct 2020 and will become direct on 14th Nov. 2020. It’ll move to Aries again on 24th Dec. 2020 and will remain there till 22nd Feb. 2021, then moving to next sign Taurus.

Mars is also known as commander-in-chief among nine planets (Navagraha) and is signification of Brother, Land, Business, Might & Courage. Every two years and two months Mars goes into retrogression and overstays in two signs for almost 180 days. This year transit of Mars assumes importance as it’ll overstay in its own sign and the same is happening again after almost 32 years, the last one being happened in 1988. 

The following will be the effect of this unusual transit on various zodiac signs. This should be read from one’s Moon sign as well as ascendant (Lagna) or rising sign. The final results may vary depending on running dasha as well as other transits.

ARIES: - Mars, yours ascendant lord will be transiting on your ascendant itself, giving you lot of energy and you’ll be able to complete your pending tasks. You’ll earn respect at work place and those in business can expect further growth. You’ll have to keep your temper in check at home and avoid taking hasty decisions. Do regular workout to keep your energy under control and make maximum use of this favorable transit.  

TAURUS:- For Taurus natives, this transit will happen in 12th house, which is not considered a good transit except for students, who are looking forward to study abroad.  Business people may get handsome profits from overseas markets whereas professionals have to be careful about office politics and should keep their anger under control. Regular meditation and yoga will help in smooth passage of this transit.

GEMINI:- Eleventh house of gains will get activated by this transit for Gemini persons and for working professionals, salary hike can be expected. They should avoid taking loan during this period and should manage lifestyle with present earnings. Overall a very good transit with promising results of financial front, but should avoid using harsh words.

CANCER: - Cancerians, known for imagination will be having Mars over their 10th house of karma, prompting their work speed, which will keep their seniors happy. Increase in unexpected work load and responsibilities may lead to promotion. Business people will get new orders. They’ll have blooming love life and will hear good news on children’s front. To make best use of this transit, they should avoid overeating & oversleeping.

LEO: - For Leo natives, this transit will happen over 9th house of fortune, which also signifies religion. Lady luck will be smiling on them by favorable property deals and can expect good gains from father. They’ll be incline to read spiritual books and visits to religious places is also possible. Working professionals and business persons will be getting lot of work and it’s advised to complete one project at a time before jumping to another one. Do some charitable work regularly to make best use of this transit.

VIRGO: - Virgo people will be experiencing this transit over their 8th house, which represents longevity, obstacles, research etc. Natives related to research, occult will have a good time gaining inner knowledge. Working professional as well as business people may feel frustrated due to success getting delayed and are advised to have patience. Your siblings may face some hardships and may turn up to you for support. Charities on Tuesdays will tone down the negative effects of this transit.

LIBRA: - The 7th house of marriage and partners will see transit of Mars for Libra persons. It’ll prove beneficial for family life and disputes, if any will end amicably. New agreements/partnerships may happen for working professionals. Students can expect favorable results, whereas natives related to sports will perform well during this transit.

SCORPIO: - One of the best positions of Mars, it’s going to be very favorable time for Scorpio natives as Mars transits 6th house which signifies debt, disease, opponents etc. Since Mars owns this house and will be aspecting lagna again its own sign, Scorpions can look forward to recover from debt & litigation. Students will do better in competitive exams. Working professionals will have an edge over opponents.

SAGITTARIUS: - The present transit will happen over 5th house which represents love affairs, children, education etc. Sagi natives may go in for live in relationships, students will do well in studies especially higher education. Business people and working professionals will do very well in overseas market as some big orders may pour in suddenly. Arguments with children should be avoided during this transit.

CAPRICORN: - Capricorn natives will experience this transit over their 4th house, which represents mother, vehicles, property etc. Profit thorough property can be expected during this time, some old stuck up land deals may get closed. Some misunderstandings may crop up between married couples. Professionals may face pressure at work place, doing regular meditation will provide much needed help. Business people can expect better profits during this favorable transit.

AQUARIUS: - Mars, the red planet will be transiting over 3rd house of Aquarius natives, which represent might, courage, friends circle etc. Professionals associated with management will taste success in their endeavors. Students and sports persons will do exceptionally well in this time period. The sudden increase in bravery may lead to inflation of ego, which should be avoided. Business people will overcome their opponents easily.

PISCES: - The last sign of zodiac will experience this transit over 2nd house, which represents speech, wealth, family etc. Income from other sources will increase for Pisces people but they have to careful about their speech and eating habits.  Luck will be favorable during this transit, but one should be careful about stubbornness. Arguments with family members should be avoided. 

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