Managers Impact Our Mental Health Same As Spouses: Survey

In India, 25 per cent of employees state that they always have trouble getting started with their workday, and 26 per cent of them always feel exhausted by the end of it

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Managers impact our mental health same as spouses, said in a survey conducted by Workforce Institute at UKG, Ultimate Kronos Group. It’s essential to understand the impact managers have on employees’ mental wellbeing, and to that end, the institute surveyed 3400 employees across 10 countries.

The report analyses the roles played by leaders in supporting employees’ mental health in and outside of work and the compromises employees are ready to make in order to prioritise their wellbeing.

The survey found that in the case of a majority of employees, 69 per cent of them, their managers have just as much of an impact on their mental health as their spouses and more than their doctors and therapists. In addition, employees feel that stress from work often has a significant effect on their personal lives; 71 per cent of them say that it negatively influences their home life, and 62 per cent think that it has a bearing on their relationships.

“It is only through continued persistence that we have reached a point where the conversation around mental health is no longer a stigma. But we need to keep going and create ecosystems at work that support an individual overcoming such crisis to lead fulfilled lives at work and home,” Brian Reaves, Chief Belonging, Diversity, and Equity Officer at UKG, mentioned the importance of employees’ mental wellbeing.

He further said, “As the world keeps tumbling into one global crisis after another, it is very natural for employees and leaders alike to be stressed and anxious. So, now more than ever, companies need to seriously commit to caring for their people. But, sometimes all it takes is a little bit of humanity, humility, and authenticity to enable a healthy work environment where people genuinely enjoy themselves and the work they’re doing.”

In India, 25 per cent of employees state that they always have trouble getting started with their workday, and 26 per cent of them always feel exhausted by the end of it. The findings of the report suggest that working long hours is the primary trigger for work-related stress amongst 33 per cent of Indian employees. It is inevitable that this stress bleeds into work performance as 34 per cent of employees find it hard to concentrate on their jobs, 31 per cent are unable to build healthy relationships with fellow colleagues, and 26 per cent experience decreased levels of productivity and performance.

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