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77 million people in India have diabetes and 700,000 Indians have died of diabetes. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) reports 150 per cent increase in cases of diabetes in India. BW Healthcare World launched a virtual conclave on World Diabetes Day

A  virtual conclave organised by BW Healthcare World on World Diabetes Day attracted some of India’s best-known endocrinologists, neurologists, ophthalmologists and gynaecologists, apart from other industry leaders known for their expertise in the healthcare sector.  The conclave addressed issues pertaining to diabetes, including insights into the disease and its solutions. Experienced and specialised doctors and India’s top diabetes health experts offered their advice on how diabetics could keep their blood sugar levels in check. Diabetes is a multi-faceted disease. India is already known as the diabetes capital of the world. The number of diabetes patients is predicted to rise in the coming years owing to the unhealthy lifestyles prevalent.  

As many as 77 million people in India have diabetes and 700,000 Indians have died of diabetes. According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) there has been a 150 per cent increase in cases of diabetes in India and this is growing. The aim of the conclave was to create awareness and education. If the disease is managed well, a diabetic can lead a long life of quality.

Expert view

There have been patients who have lived well with diabetes for 30 to 40 years. They brought awareness into their lives and lived better than people without diabetes. The experts and specialists said that both diabetics and non-diabetics have to follow the same guidelines. The disease has been a huge burden on our nation and has to be addressed promptly. It is imperative that we educate those without diabetes to ensure that they do not develop it, and those already afflicted with it to manage it. Benefits of yoga are immense in preventing diabetes.

The experts and diabetologists spoke of how important it is for us to understand that even with diabetes people can lead normal lives. Lifestyle modifications are very important as it is a lifestyle disease. Covering various aspects of diabetes, the conclave helped understand very simple steps to manage it. Diabetes developed in pregnant women can lead to complications though. By definition it is reversible. There is evidence that after delivery it can get reversed but can come back in a few years unless strong corrective steps have been taken to prevent it. Everyone should follow simple steps to avoid diabetes by avoiding sugar, maintaining a positive attitude, maintaining a healthy diet consisting of proteins which is very important. Physical activities are important too. We need to plan our day and give time to our health. Day by day the number of diabetics in India are increasing. It goes without saying that patients of diabetes need to urgently change their approach to life.

More and more Indians are overweight and that is a problem. Parents can keep a check on early signs of diabetes in their children. There are different levels of diabetes like type 1 or type 2,  for example. Parents need to lead by example and not allow their children to become ‘couch potatoes’,  playing video games all day or consuming a lot of fast food. With diabetes there are hormonal changes and in some female patients it leads to vaginal dryness. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) can also be diagnosed in these patients. Those who had no diabetes before can develop it if not careful. Dietitians are necessary for spreading awareness of the need for less intake of carbs. Pregnancy and diabetes together require certain precautions.

Choosing the right dietitian or nutritionist is very important. Choosing the right one during pregnancy is critical. The internet helps in reviews of dietitians and also shows how they operate and what their reputations are like. Intake of fruits alone do not necessarily solve the problem. There has to be a balanced diet. Regular checks of sugar levels every six months is very important and that can prevent diabetes and also help if a patient has diabetes. To live a happy life we need to take certain steps and procedures.

There can be a vision problem which is also a sign of diabetes. In diabetes the eyes are affected as well, at times. Someone who has a family history of diabetes can get it. It is a very dangerous disease as the immune system gets affected. We have seen that during the pandemic when immunity was of utmost importance, people with diabetes suffered more. Diabetics had a very high fatality rate.

Treating this deadly disease requires a lot of knowledge, discipline, a healthy lifestyle and controlling complications like cholesterol and lipid profile etc. Doctors play a very important role and if the symptoms are not controlled then they have to measure the intensity of this disease. Youngsters get high cholesterol owing to bad eating habits and as India is a young nation, this can be a medical challenge for the country.

Diabetes leads to procrastination due to lethargy. Hence we can see that as a nation we need to have a life philosophy that helps in stress management. The deliberations at the conclave offered a 360 degree approach to combatting diabetes and made us aware of every detail related to the disease.

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