Justbaat Brings Out Free Emotional Wellness Social Network

The platform provides the option of anonymity to all its users for being comfortable in sharing their emotions.

JustBaat team announces the launch of the JustBaat app, India’s free emotional wellness social network where people talk and give voice to their feelings and emotions.

It will be a one-stop social media support network for people wanting to share and engage in meaningful and interesting conversations. JustBaat is a social network app that enables people to talk and give voice to their feelings and emotions live in voice-rooms. It gives emotional support for making one feel better by giving the space to vent out bottled-up emotions. 

People are craving for real conversations which led us to start special rooms to discuss things that matter to people. From daily motivation to fitness, music and issues with women at home, the list is exhaustive. These special rooms are hosted by specialists who lead the discussion and engage people on interesting topics. People discover joy and happiness to move on with the challenges of life by unwinding and lightening up at the Justbaat app. 

The platform provides the option of anonymity to all its users for being comfortable in sharing their emotions. Anyone can come and talk without judgement. 

“Justbaat is an effort to help and support people. Voice rooms give users the space to engage effortlessly. The pandemic has badly affected the emotional health of millions of people. People are coping with stress, trauma and a host of other issues. Light-hearted conversations have vanished from daily lives. We want to bring that back with a click on the app”, says Richha Jain Kalra, Co-founder, Justbaat. Richha has been a senior journalist and a leading news anchor on national television for over 18 years.

The app is designed to fill the huge gap between a regular social media network and a mental wellness platform. According to the WHO, every fifth Indian will be facing a mental health issue by the end of this year. Also, the availability and awareness regarding emotional support are very low in India. 

“Justbaat aims to fill this gap by providing compassionate free listening to people in need. It’s designed to uplift people with positive and enriching discussion”, says Shaurya Rao Nigam, CEO and founder, Justbaat. 


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