Jupiter Saturn Retro 2022

The retrogression of Saturn and Jupiter in the signs Capricorn and Pisces respectively is very important indicator of future events

In Hindu Vedic astrology, conjunction of slow moving planets is extremely important. These indicate turning points in the history of nations as well as world business order, old business vanishes and new business takes over.

The retrogression of Saturn and Jupiter in the signs Capricorn and Pisces respectively is very important indicator of future events. Saturn is already in retro motion since 5th June 2022 and Jupiter will also become retro from 29th July 2022. The combined retro motion will remain till 23rd Oct.2022. As par Nadi astrology rules, the retro planets give effects for the previous signs also. The tried & tested double transit theory of Jupiter and Saturn states that the zodiac signs blessed together by these slow moving planets give results of those houses subject to favorable dasha sequence.

Thus from 29th July till 23rd Oct. 2022 the signs of Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Aquarius and Pisces will be blessed by twin aspects of Jupiter and Saturn. These five signs are 40% of the zodiac and clearly indicate the good days for masses in the coming days. Retrogression also means natives looking back evaluating own karmas of past and then taking corrective measures accordingly.

The following is the effect of this conjunction on different lagnas/ascendants or rising signs in brief.

ARIES: - This transit will activate the friendship circle which may lead to frequent short journeys. Those eligible can get life partner of their choice during the above stated time frame. Expenses will be on the higher side.

TAURUS: - Taurus natives will be on expansion mode and may take business loan for the same. Those involved in startups will see sudden hectic activities in the coming few weeks. One should not ignore about minor health issues.

GEMINI: - This combination will bring lifestyle changes to Gemini natives. Those eligible may meet their love partner during this time period. Good news on children front will delight them a lot. Some pending projects will make sudden progress.

CANCER: - Cancer natives may plan new vehicle or start renovation at home. There will be increase in popularity and promotion is also indicated at work place. Those eligible may get financial gains from in-laws.

LEO: - This rare transit will activate gains and expenses houses for Leo natives. Trusting friends blindly may prove disastrous. New partnerships proposals should be assessed by professionals before financial commitment. Try to avoid litigation during this period.

VIRGO: - Virgo natives will be having excellent time at work place getting promotion as well as financial gains. This may lead to increase in secret enemies, thus try to remain secretive about your work progress. Those looking for job change will also get desired offers.

LIBRA: - Jupiter and Saturn retro transit will ignite the spiritual quest for Libra natives. One may meet spiritual guru during this time period. Relations with father will be excellent and knowledge will increase manifold.

SCORPIO: - Scorpio natives may buy new vehicle during this transit. Short religious journeys are very much possible. Income will rise along with fame and reputation in the society. You’ll be inclined towards philanthropic work.

SAGITTARIUS: - Jupiter and Saturn combined retro transit may affect domestic peace. There will be financial gains but take care about family disputes. Short journeys may not be useful for domestic happiness.

CAPRICORN: - The Capricorn natives will have one of the best times as they will be able to impress everyone by their communication skills. Professionals can expect sudden fame/rise. Relations with life partner will be excellent.

AQUARIUS: - Aquarius natives will enjoy company of their newly found love partner. Those eligible may get blessed by progeny also. Those trying for higher education may clear competitive exams for the same.

PISCES: - For Pisces natives, this transit will give financial gains from unexpected sources as well as renovation at home. Expenses will be on the higher side. To overcome unknown fear one should do regular meditation.

The placements and aspects of Jupiter and Saturn in natal chart affect the above stated transit a lot. Also the running vishmottri dasha sequence may increase or decrease the good/ill effects of this transit.

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