It’s All About The Aroma

Keeping your basic utilities clean makes sure those unpleasant odours are gone for good.

Smell is the sense of memory. Every house has a unique smell. The comfiest of houses are unique and explicit because they have a unique smell. The trick involved behind a nose-friendly space isn’t to spray fragrance on top of the repugnant stuff. It often happens that we might be under the illusion that our house is nice and cozy, giving out the homeliest fragrance, but in reality we might be growing nose blind to the whiffs that have accumulated.

A clean house is the one that smells like NOTHING. Even after your everyday routine mopping and sweeping there can be lingering smells, maybe just hidden by the smell of your scented phenyl for a moment or your expensive room freshener, but it is still there. Keeping your basic utilities clean makes sure those unpleasant odours are gone for good. You can get rid of the stench in your fridge, microwave, and even garbage with a few simple tricks. Also, if you have a fury friend around you might want to stick around and read on the tips to keep your house smell as fresh as a daisy. An added bonus, most of the items to make your house smell good are probably already in your cabinets or perhaps just involve a tad bit shuffling in habits.

Dry before you try:

Make sure your sheets, curtains and towels are thoroughly dry before you spread them to use. These items can have a very strong and pungent smell that you might grow use to but is very strong (unpleasant) to someone who just entered your room. This not only becomes a storehouse of bacteria but also spreads the uneasy sense of feeling.

We do are the residents of a moderate climate but some days can be too humid to handle. Avoid carpets or rugs that traps moisture and is equal to a herculean task when starting to cleaning, prohibiting your room from the cleanliness precision. Rugs and carpets trap the unwanted moisture and should specifically be avoided in areas like the kitchen and bathroom. Be vigilant of the micro sources of moisture-damp towels- that gradually become the unknown problem. Ensure your bed sheets and towels are completely dry before folding and putting them away. Bringing in moisture absorbing products and placing them in your house corners also helps a great deal.

Make your home smell like a spa:

The first step to walk through in making your house smell good is by getting rid of anything that smells a bit off. Go on a smell test round your house and spotting areas that are preventing your house from smelling oh-so-great. Clean up each area and dispose of anything that could be causing a bad smell. Soon after you are done with this you can start with your voyage to make your house smell like spa.

Scented candles can be your go to method to give your house smell like a divine spa experience. These candles are available in scents and fragrances which you can choose accordingly to soothe your senses and that too just in a matter of few minutes. While choosing your candles, make sure to choose candles made of natural, clean, burning wax such as coconut wax. Waxes such as paraffin can create more smut and add toxicity in the air, which altogether defeats our purpose of creating a healthy environment at our homes.

Though there are no wrong places for these fragrance bombs but there are a few areas at your house where you can place them for optimum utilization of their smell. Your bedroom is a place of relaxation and rest. It’s important to set a peaceful ambience there. Lavender can be used as a great agent of choice to help drift the entire mood of the room, making it adequate to give you a slumber sleep and drift you into a soothing environment.

You can also enhance the smell of your house without actually lighting your candles. Place your favourite scents next to fabrics such as curtains and drapes to create an elegant house aroma, as these materials can absorb the candle’s scent. Just remember to move your candle away from any soft materials before you light it!

Let the right one in:

Opening windows makes entire space feel cleaner and helps lift the mood of the house. Sunlight is all you need. It’s the easiest way to bring in freshness, especially to get rid of the lingering odours. Try to open windows on multiple sides to allow cross breeze. Since it’s the cold weather now, you can allow some fresh air to let in for a short while to lock in the much needed brilliance.

Subtle yet classy

Essential oils are in vogue. They are the talk of the town and they are being appreciated all along. Not just with diffusers but you can incorporate essential oils by following a few DIYs. Mix half a cup of white vinegar, half a cup of rubbing alcohol, 1 teaspoon of corn starch, and 20 drops of your favourite oil in a small spray bottle. Shake well before each use and spray it over upholstery, clothing, curtains or anywhere you think you might enjoy the sniff of freshness.

You can try integrating baking soda sachets which adds in good ones and keep the bad ones at bay by absorbing them. Fill a coffee filter with baking soda, add about five drops of essential oil, and tie it off—then toss it in a drawer or anywhere that needs a refresh. Voilà you are done!

A home that smells as good as it looks- that’s our goal. Your motive to keep you home organised isn’t complete if that dash of fresh and homely smell is missing. Smell is the human’s most powerful sense, telling us a lot about the world sometimes even playing a great role in backing our instincts. If you could tinkle that very point with ease you have conquered most of it.

Smells never lie. The right scent has the power to create an atmosphere of ecstasy, setting the tone right and maybe even alter your mood. So, choose your smells wisely!

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