Instead Of Connecting To Wifi, Attendees Will Want To Connect Within: Pinky Daga, CEO, Thriive Art And Soul

Pinky Daga, CEO, Thriive Art & Soul in a conversation with BW Businessworld spoke in detail about the upcoming 11th Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences 2018

Holistic wellness portal Thriive Art & Soul is hosting the 11th Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences 2018, India’s only purely ‘soul’ festival from September 29 to October 02, 2018.

The festival will take place at the Pyramid Valley International (PVI), believed to be Asia’s most powerful pyramid, meditational centre.

The event has a line up of an eclectic range of activities, experiential sessions, talks, and performances.

Hosting 15 of the foremost global experts in the field of energy medicine who are changing the world who will share their wisdom with 1000 plus likeminded people.

With presenters from Australia, Canada, USA, Bali, New Zealand, Philippines and Japan (amongst other locations) talking on topics ranging from the ‘Physics of Consciousness’ to ‘Dream Interpretation & Symbology’ and ‘Indigenous Wisdom of the Native Medicine Wheel’ to ‘Connecting Ancient Wisdom with Quantum Physics’.

There will be Sufi dance concerts, alternative DJ sounds with renowned whirlers and musicians, to activities like Tai Chi, yoga and meditation sessions by global speakers, musicians, and yogis amongst other soul searchers.

Performances by DanseuseZia Nath, Sound therapist Aurelio and Adam Apollo are amongst the other highlights.

Keeping in mind children, GFSS has organized mindful and fun activities such as Kid’s yoga, storytelling, organic gardening, pottery, dream catcher making.

Pinky Daga, CEO, Thriive Art & Soul in a conversation with BW Businessworld spoke in detail about the upcoming festival.

What inspired you to curate GFSS 2018?

India is the birthplace of many alternative modalities like Yoga, Meditation and Naturopathy, but there was no such festival celebrating the ancient wisdom and wellness. We wanted to create an event where not only these, but international wellness practices also find a platform to reach audiences.

Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences (GFSS) was a result of this need, where we wanted to create an event where international masters and speakers come together under one roof to spread knowledge and discuss topics that were never covered before and serve as a conduit for transformation.

What can attendees expect from this festival? Who are the key speakers and presenters?  

In its 11th year, GFSS 2018 has a lot of activities to offer. Whether it is music and dance performances (Art & Soul Xperiences) or body-and soul-flexing Yoga and Tai Chi to begin the mornings, there is something for everyone.

The comprehensive programmes, which include varied workshops for kids and insightful presentations by renowned Speakers, deep meditation sessions, have turned this into a lush, powerful space.

Some of our key presenters this year are Jasmuheen - lifetime president at GFSS (Australia), Shreans Daga - Vice President at PVI, Adam Apollo (USA), Victorian Gevoian (USA), Ladan Ratcliffe (Iran), Prof Kaya and Christiane Muller (Canada).

What are the different activities for the attendees lined up?

Attendees at GFSS 2018 will get to witness sacred dances and harmonic music sets from internationally renowned artists. International Presenters such as Susan Hough, Jasmuheen, Prof. Kaya & Christiane Muller and many others, with topics ranging from the ‘Physics of Consciousness’ to ‘Dream Interpretation & Symbology’, from ‘Indigenous Wisdom of the Native Medicine Wheel’ to ‘Connecting Ancient Wisdom with Quantum Physics’ will set souls alight.

For some me-time, there will be exciting leisure activities such as trekking, bonfire meditation, river reading and so on.

GFSS 2018 has an interesting line up of mindful and fun activities for kids as well, such as Kid’s yoga, storytelling, mandala making, organic gardening, pottery, dream catcher making and much more.

This is the eleventh edition of the conclave. How does it differ from past editions? 

It all began 11 years ago, with our guiding forces - Brahmarshi Patriji and Dr. Newton Kondaveti, as a small concept with a few speakers and attendees.

This year, GFSS has a lot more of Art and Soul activities that include dance and music, sound healing and a comprehensive children’s programme, which is more structured with a larger variety of workshops. All this has given GFSS a wider appeal, besides the fact that it is held in Asia’s most powerful Pyramid.

These four days promise to be a complete detox for the attendees. They will not even feel like accessing their phone or any other digital device. Instead of connecting to the Wifi, they would rather connect deep within themselves and return rejuvenated to routine life.

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