Insights on Covid-19.

The numbers in Mumbai are improving. In some areas of Mumbai, the doubling rate is above 45 days. Mumbai's curve is plateauing. In neighboring districts, cases are reaching their peak

Since the pandemic began, the immediate response to the crisis is causing seismic shifts in the way care is provided and where. There is a revision of existing norms and organizational best practices. At the same time, new programs aim to provide lifesaving services for those directly affected, as well as routine treatment for patients whose regularly scheduled visits to their physicians have been disrupted. Mumbai has been the worst affected city in India. The numbers in Mumbai are improving. In some areas of Mumbai, the doubling rate is above 45 days. Mumbai's curve is plateauing. In neighboring districts, cases are reaching their peak. However, there are some areas in Mumbai that need to be monitored. There have been a lot of hospitals that have turned into COVID centers Aryan hospital being one of them.

The Aryan hospital & Medical center have become full fledge COVID treating hospital as they provide 25 beds with 9 beds to ICU. 80% hospital occupancy is only for Government operations and the rest is for the much-needed support to the population of 8 lakh residents In Kurla East alone. Critical or hospital admission HRCT has also been made mandatory by us as lung changes help our intensivist in following better medical protocols. A lot of people that were tested positive have received treatment in the hospital. Currently, we are treating around 25 patient’s hospital with ventilator facility and we are able to cater 1: 5 + patients, apart from this we have been able to distribute PPE kits, IR Gun, N95 masks and sanitizers to the doctors and people who do not have any access to them. These times are very challenging not just for the general population but also for the healthcare warriors, the ‘WE DOCTORS’ campaign an initiative by MedscapeIndia – AMET is focused on providing counseling sessions for them.

Being a radiologist and working closely with the patients I have also observed that the COVID-19 pandemic in general and radiology departments in particular, has dramatically changed health care systems. It serves as a catalyst to create more accessible, reliable, and digitized medicine. Today the aspiration to drive innovation forward with improvements such as AI-based solutions is more valid than ever. Chest X-rays and CT imaging currently play a significant role in COVID-19 diagnosis. Non-contrast chest CT scans are useful not only in identifying, quantifying the extent of, and assessing the progression of the disease but also in determining the possible reaction to alternative therapies. With chest X-ray and performing follow-ups.

Public health facilities, which have been politically ignored for decades, have proved their irreplaceable importance during this crisis. Despite being ignored by the wealthy and middle classes, they bear the lion's share of not only preventive and rehabilitation programs but health treatment as well. Nearly 80 percent -90 percent of serious cases involving Covid-19 are currently being handled by public health providers so it is safe to say Public health services, the lifeline of societies, need an upgrade. With so many things happening around it is very important for people to take care of themselves. All the norms of social distancing should be followed. Hygiene procedures should be mandatory but apart from these it is were important for people to take care of their mental health. These times have been emotionally challenging and mental wellbeing should be an absolute priority.

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