India Can Address Mental Health Challenge With Ayurveda, Yoga: Ravi Shankar At Davos

Ravi Shankar expresses his thoughts on how countries can join to find solutions that facilitate understanding, connection and de-stigmatisation of mental health

Global humanitarian leader and spiritual master, Ravi Shankar on Tuesday addressed 53rd World Economic Forum in Davos, where he said that India has a lot to offer in addressing mental health challenge including the holistic and powerful healing systems.

He shared his thoughts on healing the world that is undergoing a complex global mental health crisis, a fallout of the covid-19 pandemic. “The worldwide response to the covid-19 pandemic highlighted how when we work together, we can achieve better and more equitable health outcomes. Current approach to addressing mental health is ineffective and calls for a fundamental change. We must address the root cause from a holistic perspective and explore breath as a tool to manage the mind and emotions.”

He also spoke about the dollar spend on mental health across the world and how India has a lot to offer in addressing this challenge including the holistic and powerful healing systems with their roots in spirituality such as Ayurveda, dhyana and yoga.

The WEF 2023 meeting comes as multiple crises fragment the geopolitical landscape against the backdrop of the world still trying to inch back to normalcy after the pandemic that further exacerbated the mental health challenge. 

While highlighting the renaissance of South Asia, the spiritual leader shared his thoughts on how countries around the world can jointly find areas of strategic cooperation to start conversations and find solutions that facilitate understanding, connection and de-stigmatisation of mental health.

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