In conversation with Shumita Kakkar, Founder, United We Care

United We Care is a ground-breaking initiative that doesn’t focus only on the problem, but rather on the root causes and provides holistic solutions to its users.

How and why was United We Care launched?

United We Care is an app-based platform founded in January 2020. Our mission is to helppeople overcome issues affecting their mental peace. The app integrates social, mental,financial, and legal support systems for men, women, youth and children and LGBTQ+ whoare going through separation or facing a difficult time in their lives. Our platform has a largenumber of professional psychologists, life coaches and lawyers to support them. United WeCare is a ground-breaking initiative that doesn’t focus only on the problem, but rather onthe root causes and provides holistic solutions to its users. The aim is to become the supportsystem that is usually missing in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Some of my friends were going througha difficult time in life. Despite being some of the strongest women, they were facing a verytroubled time. One of them was nearing separation from her partner and the other one, adivorce. Things reached to a point where they even contemplated suicide. It was when I sawall this that I decided to look out for a platform that helps women with these kind of issues -- specifically mental health and legal support. I found no such avenue. United We Care(earlier United For Her) emerged from this need.Our earlier target audience was women undergoing such issues. However, today, we areavailable to help anyone facing mental stressors to get the support they needed withouthaving to run from pillar to post. For instance, we enable them to get a lawyer at the righttime and place and at a nominal charge. While this is one part of the solution, the other isoffering them a platform where they can speak to someone without worrying about thestigma they may face or being judged. United We Care is the first brand that is going aheadto create a sensitized and valuable support system for the help seekers.

What are the USPs of the company?

United We Care is at the confluence of human touch and convenience that technology offers. We undertake a competitive analysis for every expert who comes on board. There is a three to four step process undertaken as part of their background check and our services come at a lower rate than most of the marketplaces. At United We Care, we are also going deeper to understand the causes of stress, anxiety and depression, and provide support. Our advanced AI and ML pairs you up with the right person after asking few simple questions. You can then choose to do a voice, video call or just chat.

Our platform has experts with specialization in dealing with issues pertaining to the LGBTQcommunity, personal relationships, child psychology etc. All of them undergo training onhow to be extremely empathetic while dealing with users from different groups. This sets usapart from our competitors as the usual practice is to simply connect the users with theavailable experts. We are the first brand that is going ahead to create a sensitized andvaluable support system for the help seekers while also retaining anonymity.

Our emotional health virtual assistant Stella is available tochat or talk to our users 24x7. Stella can help with Basic CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy)CAT (Cognitive analytical therapy), humanistic, interpersonal or couple therapy. She is aone-of-her-kind assistant with multiple decision trees and the ability to move negativesentiments to positive conversations.

The app also allows people to undertake a psychometric test which further helps us in handholding them through their developmental journey. Apart from helping interpret the course of action to be taken, the app provides access to content that is key to busting myths and turning around one’s life in a positive manner. The overall goal of our company is to make happiness the first priority in everyone’s lives.

What are the challenges faced by the company?

The biggest challenge we faced and continue to address is awareness around mental health issues and with United We Care, we have set out to overcome this. The creation of this unique platform was an effort to address and allow people to access experts without compromising on their privacy or demeaning what they are going through. It is an integrated support system that does not just stop at counselling but also provides legal and other help when needed.

Online players that have helped people deal with the pandemic stress

Mental health services are a huge marketplace especially in a country like India. There are various platforms providing access to therapists and counsellors one can speak to. However, with so many options to choose from, a person seeking help may get confused on who to get in touch with. This is where United We Care comes as a gamechanger. We help people who seek support get in touch with the right person. We believe in both the profitability and cost aspects. We started our journey to solve a big problem and ensure that we are able to touch millions of lives to create a positive impact.

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