In conversation with Michelle Keane, Author of 'The Discovery of Kingdom Water' and Founder - Mibeauinteriors

The week before lockdown I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer so I had to have immediate surgery & treatment.

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Maha Avatar Babaji
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Baba Neem Karoli
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Michelle Keane
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Steve Jobs

Q 1. How have the last 9 months been for you in this pandemic? Personally and professionally.

I was returning back from New Delhi at the end of February, after visiting My Gurujji Shashi Dubey and my Biochemist Dr.Praful, where we had back to back meetings in relation to the commercialisation of The Kingdom Water brand, when I flew from Delhi and I arrived in Dubai Airport on the way home & the airport officials were all talking about a ‘’flu’’{which later turned out to be COVID-19} and I overheard airport officials saying this has the potential to reach worldwide and kill thousands of people. In my innocence I thought thank God my connecting flight was only a two hour wait as if this was happening in Dubai, I felt that I needed to get home immediately, there was a sense of fear amongst the airport officials. I remember landing in Dublin Airport and there wasn't one word about '' this flu''. It wasn't until 3 weeks later that Ireland realised how serious this Covid-19 was & with immediate effect our Prime Minister Leo Vradkar, whose parents are of Indian descent shut the country into Lockdown to curb the pandemic.

The week before the lockdown I was diagnosed with breast cancer so I had to have an immediate surgery and treatment. The timing was perfect for my recovery as nobody was meeting anyone and I was able to reap the benefits of making a remarkable healthy recovery. Professionally through my sickness, I still managed to do my Interior work because I am fortunate to have launched an online shop 4 years previous and my online sales went through the roof. Irish people were converting their spare bedrooms into homes and offices & working mothers were now working from home & because they were spending more time at home they were wanting to change their interiors & they had disposable income to renovate their houses, so I started doing interior consultations on zoom calls. This was the saving grace of my business and I became un inundated with Consultations via Zoom meetings.

Also, every morning at 5am my Guruji Shashi Dubey had meditation classes via Zoom from his home in New Delhi where hundreds of people from all over the world would join in his very powerful Fire Prayer Meditation. We as a meditation group in Ireland gave over €17,750 from Ireland to directly to the The Prime Minister India Fund as a way of us to help the people of India. This spiritual ritual every morning gave me the strength to stay positive and healthy and also encouraged me to do more prayers myself as I felt this was God's message for us all to stop and reflect, it was as if God grounded the world for everyone to take notice. I prayed every chance I got and my bond with Our Lady Mother Mary and Our Lord and all the great Ascended Masters and my ancestors got even stronger.

Lots of positive things happened during the pandemic. I got to finish writing my book ‘The Discovery of Kingdom Water’ and publish and launch it in Ireland. My daughter Holly began her first day of Primary School and this was a huge milestone in her life. My son Luke made his confirmation which is a Roman Catholic Sacrament ritual and is the supernatural equivalent of the growth process on the natural level and it completes the process of initiation into the Christian community, which is a huge milestone in a child's life, just a week before the country went into lockdown. My Husband Keith set up his own office from home and now he permanently works from home via Zoom. He no longer has to commute to work so he's delighted.

When I had recovered from my illness, I lost my balance and broke my ankle and ended up having two metal plates inserted and I ended up in a wheelchair for four months. I was hearing from the doctor that I wouldn't walk for 18 months and that my life reached an all-time low, I felt my life was over and then through the power of meditation and prayer and my sheer stubbornness, determination and divine intervention, I defied all medics and I walked a week after the plaster coming off my leg & have never looked back.

I was given a clean bill of health so for me the past nine months while challenging all as they were I noticed that people became kinder & I became proud of myself, my country, my friends all over the world for how resilient & great we actually are in the face of adversity. It was a humbling experience. I gave more money in the last nine months to charity than I had ever done in my life. I would read the news from Delhi and would be in regular contact with Shashi and looking at people in India dying on seeing images of babies, men, women and children dying on the side of the roads in Delhi and other parts of India that I contributed a lot on a personal level to the poor people in India via the Food Banks that Shashi Dubey has set up throughout Delhi. I felt morally that I had to do this as while Ireland is a small country we haven't a clue about real poverty and it was throughout my seven visits to India in 2019 that I realised this. Then on the great up side none of my friends or family got Covid and I put this down to the strong prayer I did to protect my loved ones & the charity work I contributed to. I am under no illusion that God and Our Lady minded me. This New Year’s Eve for me will be special, I want to wish 2020 all the best & bring on 2021 and I will raise a glass of champagne to great times ahead for everyone and thank God and Our lady for bringing me to this stage in my life as maybe I was spared from something worse and if that was my cross so be it. Bring on 2021!!!

Q 2. What is the book "The Discovery of Kingdom Water" all about?

In May 2018, Michelle Keane, inspired by a visit to the sacred well of the Archangel Michael in Ballinskelligs, Co.Kerry, Ireland, sent her on a most strange and wonderful journey. Over 24 extraordinary months, she saw visions granted to her by spirits and angels, received messages from her ancestors, met divine people who helped her on her path, uncovered seven ancient wells on her land in knocknagoshel, in Northeast Kerry. An old and long-forgotten source of pure fresh drinking water with over 66 minerals, with a distinctive taste profile, now brought forth by dynamic, modern methods which has now become branded as Kingdom Water. Very quickly Michelle began to realise that she would need to keep a record of all that happened to her starting with that day in Ballinskelligs. She began to write a diary, filling it with events and visions that, at first, she could hardly believe. 

This diary records Michelle’s spiritual journey to India where she travelled through the Himalayas stopping off to visit Baba Kneem Karoli’s Ashram in Kainchi Dham, Badrinath and Devprayag where the two holy rivers Alaknada and Bhagirathi to form the Mother Ganga, where she received a blessing for Kingdom Water.

This is Michelle’s true story, a hauntingly beautiful and deeply spiritual inspiring journey of a kundalini awakening within Michelle Keane. When a Kundalini awakens in a person, the chakras awaken. Only then can you see the future and connect with God and attain self-knowledge.

Michelle has released the water, as her Ancestors and the angels directed her to do, and now she waits, knowing that her bite is done, for the next stage to begin. Michelle believes that this water will reach many people, and will bless many lives and looks forward to the next stage of this Miraculous journey of KINGDOM WATER.

This diary is what has now become The Discovery of Kingdom Water.

Q 3. In the book you have written about the Himalayas. Could you please describe how your experiences were?

Two weeks before I ended up going to the Himalayas, Steve Jobs appeared to me in a vision in my bedroom and told me that I had to Visit Neem Karoli Baba Temple in Kainchi Dham and he also told me to order 4 books & that I was to bring one of these books to the Temple. I asked Steve which of the books would I bring & he said you would know. I remember phoning Shashi & telling him about Steve Jobs appearing to me & he said that I needed to go on a spiritual Pilgrimage to the Himalayas to get Blessings for Kingdom Water in the next two weeks. He said this is a very powerful message from Steve Jobs. The ironic thing is I had never even heard of Baba Kneem Karoli before Steve Jobs appeared to me. The day I was packing & leaving for my flight a courier landed with the first of the four books it was a book called the ‘’The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa’’. With this book in hand I took off on my spiritual Journey to the Himalays starting in Neem Karoli Baba Temple in Kainchi Dham.

Walking into the the Temple area, I noticed immediately how spotless the place is - this is the cleanest place on Earth. Everything is painted brilliant white. On strict instructions from my Gurujii Shashi as to how to conduct myself. I was advised ‘you need to pray and meditate for an hour in the Neem Karoli Baba’s bedroom’, and after that I had to meditate for an hour at The Neem Karoli Baba’s Statute, I did as I was advised. I prayed & meditated for an hour, with the book Steve Jobs recommended bringing, ‘’The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa’’. This Tibetans believe is comparable to the Mahabharata and the Bible. As I read and prayed, I heard a whisper that said ‘open the book to page 43 and read.’ This happened four times with four different pages. Each time, I did as the whisper told me and read the page. On each of the pages, the message had to do with life-changing spiritual reflection. When I finished praying in the bedroom, I walked over to the Neem Karoli Baba's statue to meditate. This statute is so powerful. It is so life -like that at first glance, you think you are looking at a living person. I do not think I have ever seen such a beautiful statute. There is something Solemn about the eyes, with an expression of serene comprehension and compassion on the face. As I looked at the statute and prayed, the angels began showing me visions - the faces of Neem Karoli Baba, My Gurujii Shashi, Steve Jobs and a man with a Stetson Hat. I was shown these faces several times and I felt this was a sign, a feeling that something good was going to happen. The visions were so clear, it was like watching a film. The visions went straight into my soul, and then I began to see the number 7 everywhere, I must have prayed there for another hour and I was so fortunate to take part in Aarti service at 7pm in this sacred Ashram. That night I stayed in the Woodville hotel, I went to bed & I could not believe how much of a connection I had made with Neem Karoli Baba and Steve Jobs. I felt blessed to have received their blessing on my spiritual journey with discovering kingdom Water. It was a huge affirmation again about the spiritual aspect of Kingdom Water and I felt with Steve Jobs now acting as my spirit guide and with Baba’s blessing there was no stopping me now. I fell fast asleep that night.

Throughout my journey through the Himalayas I made a huge connection with Mahavatar Babaji and I received many blessings from him on my journey with kingdom Water. He has said ‘’Be it so, I shall never leave my physical body. It shall always remain visible to a small number of people on this earth.’’

I visited a place called Adi Badri, a site of archaeological, religious and ecological significance, it is a group of 16 temples, belonging to the Gupta Period. Among them is the Narayan Temple, where a black stone idol of Vishnu, three feet high is enshrined. I walked into the Narayan temple and prayed and meditated for half an hour and made a huge connection with Lord Vishnu and received his blessing on my journey with Kingdom Water.

About 20km from Badrinath, the road was blocked by a mass rock and debris from a landslide. I packed an overnight bag and set off trekking through the Himalayas, with no phone signal and nothing to guide me only the local knowledge of rivers and pathways. I was ecstatic to be hiking through the mountains. The fresh clean air going deep into my lungs gave me such a burst of energy that I felt I could walk for miles. I eventually arrived in Badrinath and I headed straight to take a bath in the Sulphur springs before I went into the Temple. On entering the temple, I could not get over the beauty. Inside, it is so huge, that I felt it was the Las Vegas of temples, with all its bright lights flashing. I meditated for an hour and asked for a blessing of the local saint venerated in the temple. The next day I woke at 5.30 am for breakfast and I walked to the village of Mana, the last Indian village before the border with Tibet and China. The village of Mana is on the banks of the river Saraswati and I visited the temple next to the river. As I poured some of the Kingdom Water I had brought with me, I knew that Badrinath would always have a special place in my heart, as part of my journey of discovery. And Indeed, memories of these experiences awaken me even today and I feel the Himalayan mountains are calling me back.

Enroute from Badrinath to Devprayag, I visited the Dhari Devi Temple Located on the banks of the Alaknanda River where I made a huge spiritual connection with Goddess Kali and I made a promise to the goddess that when I had commercialised Kingdom Water that I would visit her again and bring a bell in gratitude.

On arriving in Devprayag, I stopped and got out of and took several photos of the spectacular scenery and my whole body started to vibrate. I began to cry. The feeling was almost overbearing at times and I could not understand why I was feeling like this. But the moment I set foot on the path down to the Ganges, I felt emotional, it was as though I could feel the sacred river run through my entire body. When I reached the river I just sat there & prayed. I had brought a small bottle of Kingdom Water with me and I poured it into the Ganges & got the blessing of the Ganges. This brought a wonderfully liberating and spiritual feeling. It was so powerful to know that Kingdom Water was now flowing through the Ganges. I again saw visions of Neem Karoli Baba, Steve Jobs, My Gurujii Shashi, The man in the Stetson Hat, My grandmother, Our lord, our lady, Sai Baba, Babajii, Saint Therese.

The journey through the Himalayas will last in my soul forever, no phones, no online presence. Electricity and running water became luxuries and the time alone was more intense than I had expected. I cannot say enough about the wonderful, powerful experiences I went through. The amazing people I met on my pilgrimage and the big connection I had made to all the Ascended Masters. To feel the amazon power of so many sacred places and people, were remarkable. It was a divine experience for me. Not everyone feels the same. Not everyone will get it, or even go there - but I did. If anyone asks me why India, my response will be simple: Go there. See for yourself. Life does not need to be changed, only our attitudes do, this is the real secret.

Q 4. How are we spiritually connected to water?

The Human body is about 70% Water. The brain is said to be almost 75% Water. The human body and the cosmos itself is essentially made of 5 elements Earth - bones and muscles, Water - Blood, Air - breath, Fire - Heat, Space - the emptiness within. If any one element is taken out our body will collapse. Of all the five elements Water is the most important. Then the moon controls the tides of water and rules over the biological rhythms of plant, animal and human life. Just like water, people must be allowed to flow freely as the principle of nature is that people are mostly water. The consciousness of our ancestors is passed down from one generation to the next - through blood, It's the water that circulates throughout our bodies. Water carries within your thoughts, prayers, actions, no matter where in the world you are. As the seasons change, so does the atmosphere, and what is it that gives life to this planet only water? When God created the universe, he chose water as one of the seven planets. Today many choose to ignore God & look only to science to help heal the world. We lose sight of the real meaning of life by becoming too dependent on modern technology so that we miss the warning signs GOD sends us. He created the universe and gave us the gift of water and everything else, from the herbs growing wild in our ditches. Our ancestors instinctively knew the infinite power that water possesses. Water is the life force - from the ritual of a new born first bath to a dying person's final sip. The fact that water plays a significant role in Christian Baptism, and the religious role played by water from the Ganges in India, water from Lourdes in France, Fatima in Portugal & Knock Shrine in Ireland , Illustrate its spiritual connection. 

Q 5. On another spiritual note, could you tell us how water is a natural healer and can raise our consciousness?

As mentioned earlier, the human body & the cosmos itself is essentially made of 5 elements Earth - bones and muscles, Water - Blood, Air - breath, Fire - Heat, Space - the emptiness within. If any one element is taken out our body will collapse. Of all the five elements, water is the most important. With an imbalance of water, many ailments including sinusitis, asthma, swellings, blood thinning or clotting can occur. Water is the fertilizer for all the natural beauty in the world, without water clouds would not form. It is the main source of energy - the cashflow for the body. Water generates electrical and magnetic energy inside each and every cell of the body. It provides the power to sustain life. Water prevents DNA damage, it energizes food. Water gives life and shine to our eyes. When water reaches a cell, it brings the cell oxygen and takes the waste gases to the lungs for disposal. Water helps reduce stress, anxiety, depression. Water is the main lubricant in joint spaces and helps prevent back pain. The beautiful thing about water is that it is the most powerful medication in the world. It needs no doctor’s prescription. It is freely available and is the medication your body needs when stressed. Nothing substitutes water. 

When I employed the services of Biochemist Dr. Praful R Naik and we conducted our own research into the chemical analysis of Kingdom Water where we scientifically proved by two labs that we had over 66 minerals in the water. Kingdom Water is pure, crisp and potent with a clear, refreshing taste. Its complex profile of minerals makes this a distinctive water, full of vitality, with antioxidant properties. In keeping with the profile of Kingdom Water as a natural mineral water with its high and diverse mineral content [over 66 minerals in the water] we want to enhance the water by adding natural herbal extracts, to enhance health and wellness benefits for medicinal purposes. Kingdom water has an equally functioning uniqueness having all the essential macro minerals as well as the trace minerals in the most natural form which enables their effective adsorption by the human system. With over 66 mineral elements, it is a mineral based water making it the most valuable natural water. Key minerals like Lithium are in each of our 7 springs - lithium is used to reduce stress, relieve pain & improve memory. Having lithium in your water is like having gold in your water. This would be of huge benefit to a pharmaceutical company in the manufacturing of drugs. Titanium is another natural source mineral, just like zinc oxide and Iron oxide can be used in makeup and skincare products. Strontium - is a natural element that plays a vital role in your bone health. Strontium's benefits are unlike any other nutrient on earth. Strontium works alongside calcium to increase bone density, while also slowing the rate of bone loss, and the benefits don't end there.

Q 6.  How did the idea of this book germinate in your mind?

When I first visited St.Michaels well in Ballinskelligs in May 2018, a chance decision to bottle some holy water from the well as a gift for a friend, set me on a most strange and wonderful journey. Over 24 extraordinary months, I saw visions granted to me by spirits and angels and I very quickly began to realise that I would need to keep a record of all that happened to me, starting with that day in Ballinskelligs. Then when I met my Gurujji Shashi Dubey in India and he said I had to write the book and that it would act as a great marketing tool in selling the water. Shashi came alongside me at just the right time to help see what this book could be, helped me get the stories out of my heart and onto paper. His tireless dedication to this process has helped this book emerge into the spiritual treasure that it is. This diary is what has become The Discovery of Kingdom Water.

Q 7. Are you planning to pen down another book soon? If not, what are your plans when it comes to spiritual practices?

Yes, I am planning to pen down another book, throughout this journey I have now realised that I can write a book and the fact that I have self-published the book all on my own and till date in 4 weeks since I launched the book in Ireland 648,000 people have read it, that's not a bad statistic considering we have a population of 4 million people. People now from India, USA, France and as far away have ordered my book online at & on amazon, I know now that I have been born with the gift of writing. 

My plans for my spiritual practices are private to me, I have always had huge faith in Our lady and God and now with all my connections to all the Ascended Masters, Saints, spirit guides and ancestors, I will simply continue to pray and meditate and serve God and our Lady in helping people as I have always done with the past 45 years. Because the deep faith I hold in my heart nothing or no one can take this away from me. To answer your question, I have embraced it all and as I am now working with all the Ascended Masters, Saints, Spirit Guides and Angels and I think I will let them figure out & guide me in what spiritual role they want me to practice. I now realise after discovering kingdom water & having a Kundalini Awakening what my purpose in life is. On this journey I have realised many things, powers in myself that at first, I could not have imagined. I have the ability now to see the happenings of the future. God only gives this wisdom and knowledge to very few people. The only person that can experience what I have achieved to date, has to have had a kundalini awakening. When a Kundalini awakens in a person the Chakras awake. Only then can you see the future and connect with God and attain self -knowledge. The most important thing is to attain self-knowledge. 

Q. 8. They say "We are not human beings on a spiritual journey, but actually spiritual beings on a human journey", do you believe this along with the exhaustion of karma through the birth and death cycle is true?

YES, YES AND YES & I believe the whole 10 Yards of it. Our Body is just an instrument & we make the tunes, there are greater powers at work. I feel blessed and blessed each day to know that there is something more out there.

Q 9. You met Gurus and masters, could you tell us more about those experiences?

I feel like I was always destined to meet my Guruji Shashi and connect with all these great Ascended Masters with his help. Six months before I ever knew who or what Shashi looked like, he appeared to me in a vision. When my friend Jack took a sample of Kingdom Water to show Shashi immediately Shashi said this girl has to come to India for a week so 3 weeks later I went with Jack to India and we stayed with Shashi and for sure it was an amazing experience. He told me how spiritually powerful I was. All my life I knew I was different & I knew that there was a piece missing to my jigsaw and now I know it was Shashi. He enriched my spiritual journey in so many ways. Far beyond my wildest dreams. I now know what my purpose in life is, many people come on this planet and never get to experience what I have achieved. I think I ended up in Delhi to find my Soul and my life's purpose. Sometimes I look back on this journey and feel why me, why am I the chosen one & then I look in the mirror of my soul & I pinch myself & say why not me Why not Michelle Keane. I wouldn't change a second for all the tea in China. I'm truly in 7th Heaven.

Q 10. Lastly, what is the message you want to portray through your book which will increase our awareness and make our consciousness more powerful?

I suppose the fundamental message of my book was to tell my spiritual journey, my true story as it actually happened, I am just an ordinary businesswoman, wife and mother of two children, I never asked for any of this to happen me, it's through the deep faith in my heart that all this has happened. I want this book to enrich and enlighten people, let them see that there are greater forces at work. This book I feel has 3 sides to it, my spiritual journey, the water business and the remarkable people whom I met on this journey. I want people who have written great books and never published them to inspire them to self-publish their stories. I never in my wildest dreams did ever think I’d experience a Kundalini Awakening or publish a book and now I want this to inspire people that if you have faith and practice you too could experience it. For me the biggest message of all is that hard work always pays off and to never ever give up and follow your dreams.

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