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I was born with a piece of information to help others. It was like a message that was conveyed to me by the Universe: Rene Mey

1. Before we touch upon where you are today, could you take us through a quick journey of how and when this dedication to serve humanity started?

I was born with a piece of information to help others. It was like a message that was conveyed to me by the Universe.

2. People would come to you with different 'presenting problems' manifested on their physical, emotional or mental body. However, from your experience of taking them deeper through the healing process, would you be able to tell us what are the main points of origin of the cause of the problems?

There are various causes or reasons. Principally there would be three reasons. The first one would be stress. The second would be emotion. The third one would be the environment. Contamination of what we eat.

3. In order to reach more people you also train others to become healers and trainers. How do you select and train them?

The selection is made on its own by itself because they begin as volunteers, and if they continue on this path of being volunteers, then upon doing about 2,000 to 3,000 therapies free of cost and at that time we prepare them to become instructors.

4. We could say that your domain of work belongs to alternative medicine. How do you see the shift in alternative therapies being more and more accepted in today's healthcare system as well as the future of possible integration of the alternative with the allopathic and Western medicine?

In April or May, 2020 we are going to open a hospital in Mexico. That is going to have both of the medicines. It is going to have urgency or emergency care, surgery, doctors and therapists. It is going to be also based on food and nutrition. All of the sick people are all going to have access to both of the medicines plus special food, yoga and other types of yogic exercises, meditation – all of this. For me the future is with both medicines. Before becoming a healer, more or less 45 years ago I was an international seer. I had knowledge about all kinds of people.

5. Besides resolving existing problems which people face, what would be your advice when it comes to prevention which is absolutely powerful and important?

The hospital we are going to have and also we want to open many hospitals, there is going to be a team. It is going into places with low economic resources to do this kind of prevention. Doctors, nurses, everybody free of cost offer services in low economic areas. And in agreement with the government.

6. Despite “unconditional love being our core value” and “the reason for our presence in life being to GIVE LOVE”, how do you explain so much hatred and fear (which would certainly be on the other side of the spectrum) and what can we as individuals do to make the needle of our universal consciousness move firmly towards love?

All of my volunteers on an international level I don’t even prepare for unconditional love. I prepare them for compassion. It means that they learn to help others. And that too accept the other no matter what. Because if we don’t understand the other person we can’t accept him or her. The compassion comes from the word – to share. It also comes from understanding and comprehending. It permits them to have information, to be able to help, and transmit a message, a more intelligent message. To love is good, to know how to love is better. So that humanity has this balance of good, of bad and that is normal.

The fact that we need to move more towards love, comes from education. Being able to teach the children, teach them more courtesy, more attention to one another, to create help for health. I think that by this little by little, to know and being aware is the key. God today is not the most important. God today is money. So when we adore another God, we are not talking about propagating religion, but talking about life. Knowing how to live. In this moment the problem will be over.

7. Does your International Foundation provide any support to those in need in India?

With therapy, yes. I would also like to make hospitals in India. With all the medicines – both the types of medicine which we discussed earlier.

8. Are there any centres or trainers whom our readers can contact here?

There are a few instructors here who people go to, to get therapy.

9. Is this your first trip to India? Do you like traveling as a tourist?

This is the second time. I don’t travel as a tourist anywhere. If I go anywhere, it is to help. Tourism doesn’t interest me.

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