In Conversation With Dr. Acharya Vinod Kumar

Dr. Acharya Vinod Kumar is an astrologer and Vastu consultant

1) How is our mental health, dependant upon the stars?

Ans. An individual is considered mentally healthy if he or she is free of mental disorders. There was a belief from ancient times that the phases of the moon and madness were closely linked. A relationship between the phases of the moon and a mental patient may be established through this analysis alone.

Vedic astrology has a mature system of judging these complications. It is possible to analyze various aspects of life with the help of the horoscope, the divisional charts, and the "dasa" system. A duly cast horoscope can provide enough insight into someone's mental health. A psychological assessment can aid in diagnosing the patient's mental health as well as preventing the onset of diseases.

2) Please comment on astrology as a science.

Ans. Astrology is founded on understanding the positions of the stars, which seems like a scientific enough pursuit. It employs scientific understanding of celestial bodies as well as scientifically sounding instruments such as star charts. Some individuals utilise astrology to develop estimation of future occurrences and people's characteristics, just like scientific concepts do. And some argue that astrology is backed up by facts – the experiences of those who believe it has helped them.

3) How can Astro-science change one's destiny?

Ans. A person's destiny can be reoriented and improved through astrology both as a preventive and remedial measure. Adapting spiritual knowledge, behaviour, or in general may change the outcome. To provide them with a better and happier life, certain astrology-based measures are required, along with healing stones. However, God's will is much important than any other thing in one's life. This puts to light the concept of free will, which, to some extent, works as the major factor driving change in one's destiny and fate. The presence of our own ideas, desires, wishes, and desires that arise because of our enormous experiences in the 'present' life confirms the reality of freewill in us. As a result, the correct answer to the question "Can we modify our fate through astrology?" is yes! But only to a certain extent; within limits.

4) Why is Astro field becoming a craze among youngsters?

Ans. Today’s youth is creative and explore each and everything before concluding. Field of astrology offers enough evidence to explore the hidden mystery of life that is the ground of today’s youth being attracted towards astrology.

5) Is astrology just a mind game or does it have some ground?

Ans. Those who do not believe in astrology frequently dismiss it as mysterious, but the fact is that astrology is simply based on how the cosmos appeared on the day you were born. A birth chart, which is generated with information about when and where you were born, is the main component utilised in astrology. The chart itself is a representation of how the planets, stars, and cosmos appeared at that specific instant. It stands to reason, then, that astrology is also known as jyotish, which translates to "light science." What type of light is it? The light from the planets that reaches Earth. Though this science is unlikely to be the same as what you learned in school, there are some analogies, and it's not impossible.

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