How to Incorporate Positive Psychology in your Daily Life!

Here are 5 small ways to incorporate Positive Psychology in your daily life, for a big difference!

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How to Incorporate Positive Psychology in your Daily Life!

Nandita Kochar

Here are 5 small ways to incorporate Positive Psychology in your daily life, for a big difference!

  1. Display Intention
Write down your intention before beginning with a day, whether it’s for a meeting or a personal project or for a date. Doing this sets a reminder in your mind, a reminder you can fall back upon each time you receive a setback. Setting such an intention will significantly increase fulfillment during the day. 


  1. Create a ‘Done’ List
Instead of sleeping with a list of things you couldn’t achieve during the day, sleep with a list of things (no matter how many in number) you could achieve. Appreciate yourself before you call it a day so that you carry a positive feeling to the next day. It’s important to celebrate small steps and look at the journey instead of the destination. This will help boost your confidence and make you feel like you are enough. 


  1. Change your Mindset
With a fixed mindset, one tends to strive hard for goals and focus only on the outcomes. One feels very defensive about one’s work and cannot handle any criticism. With a growth mindset, you accept that life is a journey and that you must welcome both the good and the bad in order to sustain yourself; inviting constructive feedback only helps you grow more.


  1. Accept your Fears
You need to accept your fear in order to loosen its reigns over you. To do this, you can name the fear, claim it and then go through it. 


  1. Feel the Abundance
Do you want more money, success or fame? Feel it. It is important to feel that one has a lot even if one does not and from here, one must visualise where one wants to be and work towards it. Be grateful, operate from a position of abundance towards even more abundance. 


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