How quality sleep is important to perform better at work in lockdown.

The contact with the external world has been cut physically and people are relying on the digital networks to keep the ball rolling

It has almost been half a year since the world stopped due to the lockdown. The intensity of the pandemic is so drastic that the whole globe is facing the repercussions. Not only personal lives, even the professions of all sorts are affected. From big companies and conglomerates to medium and Small Enterprises including the disorganised sector.

All the workload has shifted on the digital space with a new term quite in trend - work from home. The contact with the external world has been cut physically and people are relying on the digital networks to keep the ball rolling. In this phase, a lot has changed. And it is axiomatic that lifestyle habits will be affected too.

Lifestyle changes

Everything from eating to waking up has changed dramatically. People have been more careless than ever. And it has started to affect their performance of work too. It is already very difficult to thrive in such situations and work normally when sitting in a closed space. And the unpleasant change in the lifestyle just makes it more difficult.

One thing that has been affected in the lifestyle on a much greater level is the sleep schedule and timing. A good quality sleep is the need of the hour

In a phase where negativity is all around, it helps to maintain a positive mood, provides you with energy that you need to go through the day, and stimulates the overall ability to cope up with the lockdown life. Sleep is critical to physical health and effective functioning of the immune system. You won’t face any signs of worsening of the mental health such as depression, anxiety or extra stress if you follow an adequate sleep schedule.

Studies have shown that good sleep enables decision-making and complex thinking. You function better and you are able to give a hundred percent when it comes to your work.

Also, lack of sleep can make some vaccines less effective. With the vaccines launching anytime now, we don’t need anything going against us now.

Here are some tips for a better and fulfilling sleep:

1. A sleep schedule is must: Create a routine and follow it. It gives a sense of normalcy and calms the overall self. A consistent sleep schedule cannot be ignored. Follow the same wake-up and lie-down time. Once your body gets into the habit of a sleep schedule, you will have a fulfilling sleeping experience.

2. Sleep Hygiene: Check your sleeping environment and get rid of things that can disturb your sleep. A good sleeping environment includes:

- Cool temperature

- Minimal light

- A comfortable mattress and pillow

- No digital devices around

- Using the bed for the sole purpose of sleeping

3. Relax yourself physically and mentally: Thousands of thoughts are one of the main causes of sleep delay at night. In such a scenario, the relaxation of the overall body is a must. Try deep breathing, yoga, guided meditation, reading,or calming music to relax yourself. Also stay away from the news. It creates negativity. Restrict yourself to a few trusted resources, so that you don’t completely cut off from the outside world.

Final Word

People have been taking sleep for granted by abusing the sleeping pattern and and it has begun to influence their work. What's more, in the event that they continue taking the path of least resistance, we're worried about the possibility that that they may even lose their positions. Because as we move ahead, the competition will get stiffer and lack of great sleep makes you ineffecient and certainly incompetent. Also, bad quality sleep affects the overall functioning of the body and degrades mental & physical wellness. So keeping in mind the consequences, everyone should focus on good quality sleep for good health and well being.

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