How meditation and spirituality is diving deep within to attain connection with your spiritual self

In the course of the tryst to gain inner satisfaction, mankind began a search for the original form, which we often to as the ‘Mool Shrota’ in the world of spiritualism.

Since mankind came into existence and discovered that it was the most supreme among animals, a race for supremacy started and it kept getting bigger as humans evolved. Over time, several discrepancies got inculcated and eventually led to major troubles such as wars, quarrels etc. But then came a time when humans got tired of it all, and thus began the tryst for inner satisfaction and self dependency. And in the course of the tryst to gain inner satisfaction, mankind began a search for the original form, which we often to as the ‘Mool Shrota’ in the world of spiritualism.

 It is an undisputed fact that every individual, or say every creature or component of the nature strives to meet its original form or final destination. For instance, the journey of a river is cyclic in nature, for its origin as well as end is linked to an ocean. Though it emanates from mountains, it ultimately ends its journey in an ocean, which is its final destination. Similarly, the ‘Mool Shrota’ of humans is peace and inner satisfaction, the road to which goes via the almighty and spiritualism. In ancient days when education and books were yet to evolve, some revered spiritual gurus guided people in different ways such as ‘Samadhi’, ‘Tap’ and Yoga. These were different roads leading to a rendezvous with your inner self.

What we see and refer to as meditation today is more of a commercialised system. If a person does meditation each time he has to attain peace, he might start behaving erratically if not allowed to meditate for around a month. Now we need to understand that this is not the desired outcome of any spiritual act. In fact spiritualism is just not about this. The difference between one who relies on popular meditation techniques and one who follows the path of spiritualism to meet the inner spiritual self is like that between a wrestler and a normal man who strolls through a park for being active. There is remarkable difference in everything from their eating habits to exercising techniques and even clothing.

To learn meditation techniques, you need to pay a certain fee, but none when it comes to following the path of spiritualism. The road to spiritualism begins as simply as worshipping the idol in your house. That’s the first step, and eventually cross different stages to meet inner spiritual self. For example, when a kid goes to pre-nursery, he is taught ‘A for Apple’. While the kid might not remember the alphabet A, but the apple definitely leaves a lasting impression on his mind. But when the same child grows up and reaches high school, he doesn’t even remember the apple reference to recognise A. Similarly, an idol is just like that apple, which helps as a reference point to imbibe spiritualism at a primary stage, only to develop and enhance further.

Following the path of spiritualism to meet your inner self is also about indulging in simple yet good deeds in our day-to-day lives. There are many who meditate, claim to be walking down the path to attain spiritualism, but do not care about the needy before them. Some people get a sense of pride in being vegetarian, but they are not sensitive enough to lend a helping hand, be it monetary or physically, to their employees or domestic helps when they are in need. Therefore, all acts and efforts of moving towards their inner spiritual self are consigned to the dustbins. The real act of spiritualism is feeding the hungry in your vicinity, in a manner that is full of compassion coupled with the feeling of serving humanity.

Attaining connection with your inner spiritual self is like climbing the Mount Everest, but for that, you need to walk and run first. You will need to establish a communication with the almighty. You will have to strike a conversation with that idol in your house, you will have to start feeling different components of nature such as plants, water bodies, air around etc. If a beggar demands Rs 1000, you will be irritated, but if your son or loved ones do the same, you will give it to them with pleasure. You need to develop such relation with the almighty – don’t ask him for anything as a beggar, instead embrace him in a manner that he looks at you as his child.

Therefore, it’s the pure and simplest form of spirituality that lets you dive deep to attain connection with your spiritual self.

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