How does spiritual well-being affect the quality of life?

Spirituality becomes that part of one’s self which helps you find meaning, connectedness and purpose in everything that you do. This can be found either in the practice of a philosophy, religion, or way of living.

Let us start off by diving a little into the understanding of what spirituality is. Spirituality can be broadly defined as finding the anchor to your life. The human life has many different parts to it as designed by social norms and customs that we all belong to. Social, personal, emotional, physical, educational, and even religious. These are the different components of our living. Spirituality becomes that part of one’s self which helps you find meaning, connectedness and purpose in everything that you do. This can be found either in the practice of a philosophy, religion, or way of living. When the going gets tough, it is human nature to search for meaning and connectedness, i.e., people tend to look for the bigger picture which can then help to make sense of things. This is a coping mechanism so we can try to understand, and accept our experiences. Trauma, emotional upheaval, divorce, illness and death/loss of a loved one are some of the situations where we all seek comfort and solace.

There are many studies that show how the practice of spirituality is related to better outcomes. Spirituality also influences end-of-life decisions. Whether there is a connection to any specific religious or any spiritual practices, we all seem to benefit from a sense of meaning, purpose and connectedness. For those who practice spirituality, they are not stuck in the regret of the past, or in an anxious future full of imaginary failures. Instead, they are pouring all their energies, and awareness into the present. This is the ultimate aim of spiritual teachings. The final outcome of the spirit is to remain fully engaged and engrossed in the present moment. To this end, yoga asanas and meditation practices such as Pratibimbha Dhyan, Sthihi Dhyan, and Super Power meditation techniques can help in cultivating mindful presence.

While there are many different religions and paths towards seeking God or to express spirituality, research has shown that those who are more religious or spiritual experience many benefits to their health and well-being. Because they use spirituality as a way to cope with life’s stressors, they derive a sense of comfort and relief from it. They show an improvement in their physical well-being in terms of better strength, so they feel less tired, less often, and even manage to get enough sleep. They do not tire as much, have a healthy appetite and are mostly free from any aches and pains

Socially, they are better equipped to handle any personal or professional emergencies, because they have the ability to maintain their composure, and can take decisions in a calm, and sensible manner. They are not temperamental, are more patient and have control over their emotions. Due to their spiritual nature of living, they are less prone to stress and anxiety, and are accountable for their actions, as they are aware and present. The practice of spirituality blesses its practitioner with a sunny disposition- a positive attitude can go a long way in tiding over hard times. As long as we are able to remain optimistic, we will be able to influence any situation in a positive manner that is beneficial to us.

Spirituality adds value to our lives, here are some of the ways:

  • Balanced mind & body
  • Positive nature
  • Blissful living
  • Optimistic outlook
  • Transparency
  • Calm and controlled disposition
  • Kind-heartedness
  • Compassion
  • Clarity of mind
  • Overall well-being

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