How To Put Your Mental Health First This Year

Through asanas and pranayama, we can keep the body healthy and in good shape. When the body is devoid of disease, illness or limitations, then the mind is freed of this burden and given a chance for better health itself.

A new year is a new beginning and brings with it, new opportunities, new possibilities and new experiences. It is the chance we can give ourselves for reform. Mental health is the biggest concern of the people of the world today. There are so many challenges human beings face on a daily basis and the mind is paying the toll for this lifestyle. To better understand this issue of mental health, let us first explore the fundamentals:

What is mental health?

It is the wellness quotient of an individual’s mind, thought process, emotions and behavioral patterns. It is more than the absence of any mental disorder; it is a state of happiness, peace and mental stability within an individual. Much like diseases strike the physical body, illness also befall the mind. Treating the mind is as crucial as treating the body.

What are the symptoms of poor mental health?

* The most common symptoms to watch out for are

* Isolating oneself from others, including close family or friends.

* Lethargy

* Disinterest in regular or routine activities

* Change in sleep patterns, either excess sleep or not enough

* Disinterest in hobbies or any new tasks

* Lowered self esteem

* Delusions

Any individual experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms could be going through a period of poor mental health.

Yoga and spirituality are the ideal path to both recovery and maintaining good mental health. It is a holistic approach to all round wellbeing.

Through asanas and pranayama, we can keep the body healthy and in good shape. When the body is devoid of disease, illness or limitations, then the mind is freed of this burden and given a chance for better health itself. Below are some asanas that have a positive effect on the mind and are even recommended to help treat depression and other mental illnesses:

* Samasthiti

* Pranam asana

* Pada hastasana

* Vajrasana

* Ushtra asana

* Adho mukhi swanasana

* Sukhasana

Through Meditation, the mind is exercised to achieve the same health. Through select meditation techniques, Yoga can help transform the mind and help bring it to peak health.

Today’s lifestyle includes excessive dependence on technology. Gadgets such as phones and tablets are in constant use by the young and old. This coupled with constant input, information and pressure of Social media causes subliminal unrest within the chasms of the mind.

These little triggers disturb the health of our minds. Yoga and spirituality will help bring in focus the importance of goodness, positivity and growth of the mind.

 Yoga Is more than asanas and pranayama. It is the knowledge on how to live life to perfection. To live a life of bliss, contentment and goodness. In the current day and age, it can even help people bring balance between work and personal lives. It can help students under the stress and pressure of their educational endeavors.

To begin your road towards a healthier mind, here is a simple meditation technique that:

Sakshi dhyaan  - Witness meditation

Sit in any comfortable posture, such as Sukhasana.

* Ensure that your spine is straight and your back is not hunched.

* Relax your shoulders.

* Bring in your left arm, place the back of your palm in front of your pelvis. Your fingers must point towards the right.

* Bring in your right arm and place the back of your right palm over your left.

* Ensure that your palms are cupped. This is known as Siddha Mudra.

* Face forward and close your eyes.

* Concentrate on your breath.

* Inhale, hold and exhale deeply for 21 counts.

* Do this continuously without any breaks between the breath pattern until you complete 21 counts.

* Once you complete the breathing exercise, bring to mind the topic that is causing distress or disturbance to your emotions.

* Be a neutral spectator of your own thoughts.

* This process will bring clarity, calmness and unknot the web of thoughts within the mind.

* Any negative emotions such as guilt or anxiety caused, can be treated to bring positivity to the mind by this method or exercise.

This is simply one of many meditation techniques that can bring stability, peace, calmness and bliss to the mind and its emotions. Like this, there are many techniques within yoga that can ease the pain felt by the mind and ensure health and wellness to every practitioner.

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