How To Keep Your Employees Committed, Empowered, Satisfied In Stressful Times?

There are some helpful strategies for empowering your employees and managing a successful team in stressful situations

“Stress” and “tech” are two words that can be correlated. As technology advances, our workloads increase significantly. This is true for many industries and companies worldwide. How teams overcome that stress is a testament to their leadership capabilities. Building a stress-free workplace with a nurturing environment is more likely to increase your employee retention rate, motivate them to be more productive, and in turn, drive business growth.

There are some helpful strategies for empowering your employees and managing a successful team in stressful situations:

Foster a culture of trust

Trust is the foundation of any organisation. To foster a culture of trust, you must set a good example by keeping your promises, being honest and transparent, and encouraging open dialogue and debate to resolve conflicts. Creating this culture of trust has the additional benefit of providing your team with a sense of psychological safety, which is essential for a high-performing organisation. Role modeling these behaviors will inspire your employees to follow suit.

When my team is up against difficult challenges and tight deadlines, it is imperative that I make sure I have time for them and make them feel heard. It not only makes for happy employees, but it also enhances the notion of a safe space for team members. Happy employees who make meaningful contributions become invested in the company’s success.

Provide honest feedback

Feedback is a valuable tool that should encourage your employees to improve and perform better. It shouldn’t be a negative element that discourages them or makes them unhappy. When providing feedback, be clear and specific, and emphasize your employees’ strengths to boost their motivation. Studies have shown that employees who have managers that focus on their strengths are more engaged at work than employees with managers who provide feedback focused on their weaknesses.

Additionally, make sure feedback is timely and geared towards improvement. Employees who are dedicated to the task at hand will be motivated if they feel like their manager is guiding them to be on the right track.

Show empathy

Empathy is one of the most essential qualities a leader can have. In fact, empathy is the No. 1 skill you need to be a resilient and creative leader who sets an excellent example. Put yourself in your employee’s shoes and try to understand their perspectives on their roles and contributions at work. 

When you witness a regular high performer delivering a lackluster performance on a certain task, take a moment to assess why. It may have been an off day, or something may be happening in their personal life. 

Empathy can also serve as a guiding principle when it comes to approaching the concept of work-life balance. Employees can often become overburdened with the amount of work assigned to them, or they’ve willingly taken on. Managers need to recognize this limit before the employee becomes burned out. Noticing this can be especially difficult with employees who work from home, where their demeanors aren’t as easy to witness.

By considering their perspectives, you can become a more emotionally intelligent leader and make your team members feel understood and valued.

Encourage growth possibilities

Employee empowerment is fueled by chances for learning and advancement. Encourage your team members and provide them with a platform where they can unlock their true potential and grow professionally. I’m fortunate to work at a company that encourages such growth and provides opportunities for its employees to reach their full potential, as well as the next level in their careers. Employees with something to work for will work for it, which benefits the company and the employee. 

It’s also important to encourage employees to pursue opportunities for advancement outside of the workplace, such as earning an advanced degree. Your encouragement could be just the push they need to pursue something they’ve always hoped to attain.

In conclusion

Today, despite existing in the age of technology, organisations rely heavily on the energy, commitment, and engagement of their employees to thrive in a competitive market. To ensure your employees are motivated, productive, and empowered, it’s essential to identify new ways of expanding your repertoire of inclusive leadership skills. Building a culture of trust, growth, and healthy competition enables your team to thrive under even the most difficult circumstances. 

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