How To Deal With Stress, Anxiety During The Lockdown

There is no better healer for stress than nature. This can be understood by observing trees and plants around us when it rains.

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The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic earlier this year made governments across the world impose stringent lockdowns, compelling closure of most businesses, halt on daily activities and putting mankind practically in a state of house arrest. And to add to the woes were concerns about jobs, educational opportunities and moreover, mental as well as physical wellness. Among many of us, this unprecedented phase induced stress of varied kinds and anxiety, triggered primarily by the possibilities that were byproducts of the novel virus outbreak and the lockdown. This has left us scrambling for ways that could come to our rescue by cutting down the stress and anxiety levels.

But before we talk about the solutions, we first need to understand what stress actually is and what led it to reach unmanageable levels in the recent past. For humans, or any other natural creature, the most natural attribute is independence, the space to do things at per our own will. We humans are part of the animal kingdom, but because of our intelligence, we have achieved development as well as personal independence. But when we were forced to follow prescribed rules and restricted from venturing out as per our will for an extended period, it did not go in sync with our mechanism.

To understand it better, let’s consider the example of a zoo. Animals kept in a zoo probably have a much comfortable life. Neither do they have to struggle for food nor do they have to protect themselves from falling prey to bigger species. For instance, a deer does not have to live in the fear of a wolf attacking it. But this does not ensure their happiness. No matter how fearful they remain in forest, but they get the sense of independence only in the open fields and amid dense trees of a forest. Similar is the case with humans. One might not want to move out of home for days and go for complete rest, but they might not like if the same is imposed upon them in any manner.

Now let’s come to how we can overcome these stress and anxiety situations. We need to realize first that stress is not a materialistic thing that can be removed in a day. A person accumulates a group of negative or worrying thoughts over a period of time that results in stressful mindset. So we need to work over a period of time to rid our mind and thought process of the anxiety and stress.

The foremost thing one needs to do to tackle such situation is be as close to nature as possible. If possible, go to an isolated or peaceful place that comprises the beauty of nature. And even if we are at our homes in the middle of the hustle and bustle of city life, we can do a number of small yet effective things to ease out our minds. We should look at the beautiful twilight when the dawn breaks and Sun is about to appear in sky, we should spend time looking at the stars in the sky. When we rest under open and clear sky in the night, we often start looking at one star and end up glancing through millions of twinkling stars in the sky. Performing such simple activities regularly will eventually give us inner peace and thereby calm our mind.

Besides, there is an Indian concept of vaayu-snan, which literally means bathing under wind. It basically means letting the air brush every part of your body, and this is another solution to ease out the stress in mind as well as body. The other simple activities that we can do to beat stress is going to our neighbourhood park after we wake up and sitting in open, thereby letting our body consume the benefits of sun, walking barefoot on grass. There is no better healer for stress than nature. This can be understood by observing trees and plants around us when it rains. No matter how much you water the plants in your balcony, they never depict the texture that they do when soaked in rain water. The plants and trees around us become cheerful as they get drenched in rain.

And last but not the least, never rely on medicines to beat stress. Once you go for medicines, they will either provide merely a temporary relief, or become a lifelong post-meal dose for you.

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