How Sitting In Traffic Jams Can Harm Your Health

If you are a daily traveling through major traffic roads on a regular basis to the place of your work then you might have noticed the ill effects on your health.

In today’s times of increasing traffic on roads is leading to more and iller effects on the overall health of people living in the cities. Travel to the workplace in major metropolitan cities happens in cars with people stuck in jams at the peak traffic hours causing an alarming increase in particulate air pollution inside the car cabins which in turn has side effects on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

If you are a daily traveling through major traffic roads on a regular basis to the place of your work then you might have noticed the ill effects on your health.

How does it affect me? I am usually sitting in the car with the windows closed?

This is a common thought of the layman doing many hours in traffic every day to work. Most of the studies conducted by WHO and other organizations have proved that the air pollution in a particular route is maximum near the traffic lights where the cars slow down and the emissions particularly particulate are high. To make it worse, it has been studied that the level of air pollution inside the cars with the windows up is higher than outside.

What should you do?

Studies have shown that keeping the air circulation mode to recirculating within the cabin will help to keep the levels lower. Also if the weather permits then the fan can be switched off. But it is recommended at the same time to regularly open windows if you are traveling for long hours with many occupants in the car, and alternate between outside and internal air circulation mode.

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a condition where the blood in the veins gets dangerously clotted and runs the risk of getting dislodged into the system with severe complication including death. Studies have shown that people living in areas close to traffic roads are prone to DVT.

Why does this happen for people traveling?

When you are traveling in a car your calf muscle is not working to pump blood back to the heart. If the time traveled is more you may be prone to develop this condition especially true for people with risk factors which cause

increased chances of DVT. So if stuck in traffic remember to move your lower limbs by doing regular ankle pumps which help in circulation and is preventive. This simple exercise prevents stasis of blood in the calf muscle area and prevents DVT.


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